Ratsel to us state debt

Who actually bought the 1.885 trillion US dollars in US government papers emitted in the fiscal year 2009?

According to current Treasury Bulletin

In view of the emerging US deficit, one is already advisable to the bond markets, as it is possible that US government bonds can still be sold so easily. So the Canadian investment company "Sprott Asset Management" Already in summer that the US Finance Ministry of 2009 would have to settle well three times as many government bonds as in the previous year and wondered which of the good commercial layers were probably ready to lose these quantities.


Durre summer with harvest pits

Durre summer with harvest pits

Image: Dietmar Reichle / Unsplash

Under-average grain harvest, bone-dry ground – 2020 was the third year in a row by weather extremes

Overall, grain harvests amounted to around 42.4 million tonnes. This remained around two million tonnes (= just five percent) under the average of the period from 2015 to 2019. While the Sude of Germany is relatively good, the east had to accept strong harvesting pits for persistent Durre.


On the way to “electronic police state”

According to a new report, Totalitare and Democratic States at the same amount of a new dimension of the police state

In a first attempt, the dimensions of the "Electronic police station" to evaluate and evaluate 52 countries in a ranking, do not surprise that in the first place China and North Korea, followed by Weibrussland and Russia. But then Rough Britain is already listed, followed by the US, Singapore, Israel, France and, to tenth place, Germany.

On the way to'elektronischen polizeistaat'

The red marked Landers are on the outsourced direction police state


Iran accelerates expansion of the atomic program

The Tehran conference of the block-free states uses Iran to propagate its atomic technique, the new IAEA report daily to blur the country, traces of experiments

According to a new report of the International Atomic Energy Sounds (IAEA) on the expansion of the Iranian nuclear program, the Israeli government was confirmed that the sanctions show no effect, and at the same time under prere to translate the common threat of a military lift before it spat.

In the deep under the earth’s enrichment system Fordow, which probably no longer destroyed from bombs, has the number of centrifuges since May of 1.064 on 2.140 more than doubled. A total of more than 2700 centrifuges are planned. Even if the newly installed does not work yet, Iran has been enriched by the report since 2010 almost 190 kg of uranium to 20 percent, in May it was still 145 kg. Almost 70000 kg were enriched to 5 percent. For an atomic bomb the uranium had to be enriched to 90 percent, but the amount of the necessary starting material growth. Iran explains it, it invests the uranium enriched to 20 percent for research reactors. However, the newly installed centrifuges according to the IAEA report is the IR-1 model developed in the 1970s, which has proven to be stored. This could point out that technical progress has to be maintained.


Homeless magazine about the expo

Asphalt allows a different viewing angle

Also the homeless self-help magazine "asphalt" from Hanover works in the current ie with the Expo. The focus is on a survey among the sellers and employees to the world exhibition, the topic of prostitution and social aspects. The statements and articles throw a very different Expo picture.

"asphalt" Is the self-help magazine for homeless people in Hanover. A newspaper costs 2.50 DM, of which the usually homelessly seller seller 1,20 DM received. The long-term goal is to give the homelessness about the newscast again a perspective. At the same time, the sheet acts as a mouthpipe for her social concerns. Editor is the Diakonie Pastor Walter Lampe. In a discussion in the open channel Hannover, he invalidarily demanded significant benefits in Expo entry for social assistance and unemployed. But the Deputy Vice-General Commissioner refused this request from organizational reasons: you do not even check the justification. If the city of Hannover was organized that, you could think about it. It sounded already strangely, because passes from severely disabled people are checked out at the ticket funds.


Sensitive jagery of black punch

NASA Space Telescope NUSTAR starts all into space to get black punch – Start Date: 2011

Grunes light for the cost-effective Rontgen Space Telescope NUSTAR, the black punch with a 30-minute sensitivity track can be tracked as any existing instrument operating in the ray area. The project in the last year from financial grounds is to be hired in 2011 with a Pegasus rocket into space.

Dark energy, dark matter, black punch – the dark shadow sides of the universe may have astronomically pragnant names, but have not yet been spotted or measured by no representative of this discipline, let alone photographed. It looks like these spooky unforming darkness Belly By intent, a black robe wrestled to distribute itself from the remaining universe to escape a direct observation.


Organic dunnfilmtransistors run at low operating voltage

Organic molecular monolayers are better suited for gate dielectrics than inorganic oxides

Organic dunfilm transistors having a gate insulation from an amorphous, molecular monolayer could provide thanks to a low threshold voltage of 0.7 V in the art portable electronic devices for more prolonged battery life. The leakage current through these monolayers is remarkably small, so dunne gate insulation is possible. While so far the operating voltage of organic transistors was around 20 V, it could now be significantly less than 2 V.

Organic Dunnfilmtransistors can control, for example, displays or sensors, are not the problem with the high operating voltage, which is usually about 20 V. The cause of the problem is the low gate capacity of the transistor due to the thick gate dielectric, this is customary from inorganic oxides, nitrides or insulating polymers. An at least 100 nm thick gate insulation ensures as small leakage trreams as possible, this drum from the tunnel effect and therefore take exponentially with the layer thickness. However, the gate capacity must not be arbitrarily small because a tiny charge fluctuation should not lead to signal dissipation.