Left parties ready for registration

The effort of the left in the left and the willingness to regulate, these two signals opposed at first glance went from the Rostock party congress of the left

Harmony was announced at the party day of the left on the weekend in Rostock. He was a dasor in several ways. With Lothar Bisky and Oskar Lafontaine, the two politicians came into the background in the background, which the party in recent years had caused and without the union of PDS and WASG had probably not given the left. For this purpose, the group chairman Gregor Gysi automatically reduces a coarse weight that he sent on the party congress.

The group chairman Gregor Gysi on the party congress. Image: the


The stolen lake

The stolen lake

Manuel Laura fanges mainly seafish and the popular aircraft in Spain. The Anglo-Spanish Trawler operates from Milford Haven. The large Welsh fishing port has just been renewed with EU funds. Image: Bernd Schroder

British fishing and Brexit

The EU referendum saw Great Britain Fischer united in the hope that the prescribed quotas fall within a leaving the European Union and they have been eliminated from the EU’s Common Fisheries of the EU, which is regarded by many as economically, socially and ecologically devastated. They saw the British from the beginning as a French construct, which sets the role of free market too little significance and instead to regulate regulation. Through the principle of "same access" be confiscated and divided into the EU members – 80% of the Western European fish, from which the Briton himself remained only a fraction, in the form of quotas, which they are still with "Quota" Sharing: foreign fishing vessels under British flag.


An exit appeal – not to forget the humane component

An exit appeal - not to forget the humane component

Image: Peter Grassmann

Also an appeal, the many small restaurants (and also boutics and business) not to forget that in many places still jerking of the social, thawn of McDonald’s, Amazon and online delivery

We remember. At 16. Marz said Markus Soder a powerful word and almost paid the public life in Bavaria to zero. Almost, because in Bavaria already begins in Marz the time of the drabs sitting, the time, in the restaurants and inns to open their terraces and their garden and give the most demanded lifestyle space.


France: “poaching goods a political error”

The government does not want to give in the controversial Labor Law. The employer’s representative accuses the trade union CGT terrorist methods

Also in France, the persistent rain leads to overflow and disaster alarm. The weather dominates the news, the conflict on the Labor Law imprinted against Parliament (power struggle in France too) does not make the loudest headlines.

She is in the background, the benefit of government, which begins deescalation, reports Liberation. However, this is a matter of opinion and can quickly change, the situation between the dispute parties is characterized by incession.


Iron clouds over hr 8799c

Iron clouds over HR 8799C

The solar system around HR 8799 in a fresh stage of its creation, as an artist introduces

The list of well-known exoplanets now includes a few thousand copies – Now astronomers succeeded for a look at the atmosphere of a gas giant, which is not belonging to our own solar system

The sunrise on HR 8799C could, if the most intergalactic tourism has become the rule, is based on the most familiarities of the Cosmic Province, which is located in the travelers, in which our solar system is located. After all, the journey is not too far: 130 light-years is the mother star HR 8799 away from Earth. The planet, one of four gas giants that circle his sun is like his siblings themselves compared to our Jupiter a giant.


Can the yarkovsky effect regroup the asteroids?

Revolutionary calculations carried out

The asteroid 6489 Golevka was on 10. May 1991 Discovered at Mount Palomar by Eleanor Helin. The name of this asteroid is reminiscent of the multinational radar observations in June 1995. The 70-M Goldstone antenna sends out the radio pulses and the radar echos are received by the Russian 70-M antenna in Evpatoria and the Japanese 30-M antenna in Kashima. Therefore, the name Goldstone Evpatoria-Kashima.

On the example of the approximately 500-meter gross stone brocken, it has become possible in May of this year to confirm the Yarkovsky effect. For the asteroid had previously passed the earth in profit, namely in 1991, 1995 and 1999 and will no longer be so close to the career of the earth in our generation. Steven R.Chesley from the Jet Proulsion Laboratory and employees of three other bodies have dedicated themselves to science of this task and thus a presentation of David Vokrouhlicky under modified Doppler examinations from Puerto Rico and California realized.


Brazil: grael video triggers debate about states in prisons

Gangcriminals filmed when posing with beheads

One of the most viewed royal videos is currently not from Syrian or Chechen Salafists, but by Brazilian violent criminal. It shows the clipped corpses of Diego C. (21), Manoel R. (46) and Irismar P. (34). All three borsters have massive torture tracks. The mobile video was supposedly not in a favela, in which the police no longer dare, but in a prison – so where violence criminals actually sits down their punishment, and should not pose their passions and posing with bodies like Trophaaen.

The residence in the state of Maranhao is appointed in their refusal of a comment on the expulsions of 17 years ago on Tuesday by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. December on the fact that not yet a hundred percent proved whether the video really depicts the bodies of the three getoten. On it that it is more likely than false, the 62 murders indicated, which happened last year within the walls of the Pedrinhas detention center, from which the video comes from. There are two criminal bands that say that feudal rule goes so far that relate women have to make powerless prisoners at visiting sexual services to secure the survival of detainees that are far below in the chopping order.


Research cheeks parallel justice

Interview with the Jura Professor and Islam Scientist Mathias Rohe

Mathias Rohe is judge at the OLG A.D. and professor for bourgeois law, international private law and comparison compared to the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg. In addition, he is Islam scholar and among other members of the company for Arab and Islamic law e.V.. In the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Tape Religion in public space he wrote the article about Islamic legal negative. A contribution that already mentioned in the face of the lasting discussions "Peacage" of some interest is.

Mr. Rohe, you write, "Phenomena of an alleged ‘Sharia parallel justice’ are actually as largely ethnically cultural, so not religious-legally oriented mechanisms under the involvement of Kurdish coarse clans, are in addition to the few documents." – You can get that a bit?
Mathias Rohe: That’s complex: we know there are problems with parallel structures, but we do not know how gross these problems are. We have nothing quantifiable. Why not?
Mathias Rohe: Because we do not have research about it. We try it, I’m on appropriate research, but we basically have anecdo knowledge of some fall, but we just do not know anymore. How could you explore the?
Mathias Rohe: By empirical field research, and there we are just there. Above all, I am particularly important to me: this is not an Islam theme! Islam can be a topic here. But it’s about population groups relatively isolated, culturally segregated, life – and the people can be of different ethnic origin and religious background. How do you know that??
Mathias Rohe: We know that through a working group of the Bavarian Ministry of Justice I have led to these topics. There we simply have information from various social institutions, migrant organizations – also carried together by Muslim side, prosecutors and other institutions. And that’s the important thing about the matter. From my point of view, we have to think about simple and moving: Where do the problems begin?


How to destroy an opposition for years

Model Bahrain and the "National dialogue"

Lifelong for eight opposition and long-term prison sentences for thirteen others. So the billing of the judiciary of Konigreich Bahrain with the protests. What else is called Arabic spring is rapidly turned into Bahrain in hard winter, ice time at 36 ° current Auber temperatures.

Which has always built Bahrain as good reputation in the last ten years, she seems completely destroyed.