Back to kosovo

According to the parliamentary elections in Serbia, Kosovo conflict returns to the agenda of world politics

While in Belgrade after the double-edged outcome of the parliamentary elections last Sunday, the power struggles begin to form a new government, the UN intermediary in Kosovo conflict, Martti Ahtisaari, will present its long-awaited proposal for the future of the controversial province next Friday in Vienna. Of course, especially one seems: In the coming weeks, not only in Kosovo itself is a hard political conflict before, but also at international level. While the US diplomacy is positioned with emphatically on the part of the Albanian independence movement, Russia enhances the jerk cover of Serbia. In the European Union, serious differences of opinion are characterized in the Kosovo question.

It was a certain relief in the faces of EU-AUM Ministers, who related themselves last Monday in Brussel with the exit of elections in Serbia. He see "favorable conditions" for a government education that "Serbia leads to the European path," explained Frank Walter Steinmeier at the first conference under German presidency. The federal agent ordered a trip to Belgrade and promised the "Democratic Power" the "Help" of the EU.


Financial vikings in seenot

Is an end to the "Iceland saga" in sight?

According to his examination, capitalism carries out wonders, so-called "economic miracles". On whose costs the go, is usually discrete disregard. One of the last scenes of this "miracle" was Iceland. But with the global financial crisis, the earthly naturality seems to be returned there now.

Some framing data of the Iceland saga, as the "Financial Times" in an editorial on 25.Marz called were indeed impressive. Since 1996, the ecological growth (a short burglary in 2002 exempted) has always been between 4% and 6.5%. Fully a foreign word is not yet a foreign word: the unemployment is now less than 1%, the proportion of employed at the overall taxation in record-making 84.2% – and although the number of working immigrants have been more than a few minutes.


The fiction of a common left opposition

The opposition parties in autumn: yellow, long letters to the base and counterwind of social initiatives and environmental links

In recent weeks, the media attention in political Berlin was the designated government parties Union and FDP. Any exercise of one of its top politicians has been knocked down again and again and of Westerwells tie color or Merkel’s facial expression was closed to the state of coalition. With the conclusion of the coalition negotiations, the opposition parties were also able to jerk more in the center of attention.

But even in the last few weeks had already become clear that the idea of a common left opposition against black-yellow is a fiction. SPD, Grune and Left are still looking for their role in opposition. But the three parties have already set their different accents in recent weeks. In doing so, there are especially among the green party-internal varying ideas about federal operations.


Adbusing made in france

More and more Frenchmen mobilize against the omniprators of advertising and defend their right to the "Freedom of the view"

By role model of Canadian adbusters, grupps and clubs are forming to take the fight of David against Goliath via the Internet. Naomi Klein’s book "No logo!" was only published in France in early May and has launched a public discussion that has been taking place on numerous internet forums (hacktivists in Logoland). The French anti-advertising onrode and framed posters, processes against the "Optical pollution" and understands the media attention with sensational actions with sensational actions. Ex-advertiser and now-the-minded bestsellor Frederic Beigbeder (danger in the suit – and with tie) is passed on by talk show to talkshow to the "Ensupance of humanity through advertising" to put the pillory.

Adbusing Made in France

Every day, a resident of the industrialized countries with 2500 advertising messages is confronted. Leaders are the United States whose burgers have to digest at least 1 million advertising contacts per year. With the sheer immobilization possibilities via TV, radio, print media, internet, posters and the ubiquitous brand logos you had to inhabit a lonely island to escape the suck promises of the advertising converter.


Durre summer with harvest pits

Durre summer with harvest pits

Image: Dietmar Reichle / Unsplash

Under-average grain harvest, bone-dry ground – 2020 was the third year in a row by weather extremes

Overall, grain harvests amounted to around 42.4 million tonnes. This remained around two million tonnes (= just five percent) under the average of the period from 2015 to 2019. While the Sude of Germany is relatively good, the east had to accept strong harvesting pits for persistent Durre.


On the way to “electronic police state”

According to a new report, Totalitare and Democratic States at the same amount of a new dimension of the police state

In a first attempt, the dimensions of the "Electronic police station" to evaluate and evaluate 52 countries in a ranking, do not surprise that in the first place China and North Korea, followed by Weibrussland and Russia. But then Rough Britain is already listed, followed by the US, Singapore, Israel, France and, to tenth place, Germany.

On the way to'elektronischen polizeistaat'

The red marked Landers are on the outsourced direction police state


Sensitive jagery of black punch

NASA Space Telescope NUSTAR starts all into space to get black punch – Start Date: 2011

Grunes light for the cost-effective Rontgen Space Telescope NUSTAR, the black punch with a 30-minute sensitivity track can be tracked as any existing instrument operating in the ray area. The project in the last year from financial grounds is to be hired in 2011 with a Pegasus rocket into space.

Dark energy, dark matter, black punch – the dark shadow sides of the universe may have astronomically pragnant names, but have not yet been spotted or measured by no representative of this discipline, let alone photographed. It looks like these spooky unforming darkness Belly By intent, a black robe wrestled to distribute itself from the remaining universe to escape a direct observation.