Power struggle in france is approaching

The protests against the working law drove to gasoline and electricity shortages and now the blockade of the Fubball European Championship threatens

The conflict for the controversial labor market reform in France is going on. About one third of the petrol stations have no more fuel because six of the eight refineries are counteracted and blocked. Since 16 the 19 nuclear power plants are also counteracted, electricity production decreased significantly. Up to 70% of the companies indicate that the workstore will soon be able to shut up if the strikes and blockages of the refineries continue. Prime Minister Manuel Valls has challenged changes to the labor market reform, but nothing wants to change the core of the reform. He also experienced one "Aubert hard answer" and thus another escalation. The unions Responds with the inclusion of the Fubball EM in the strikes and protests.

Maybe you should send forward before looking at the situation in France, which, depending on the survey, 60% to 70% of the French from the government demand the jerkiness of the working law. This has not changed practically, although the strikes and blockages of refineries have meanwhile guided into massive closures in the supply of fuels and too many inconvenience for the population.


Brake a complete satellite to a kilogram

Pico satellites and control over the Internet

A satellite in a stable orbit to get the earth is an expensive affair. A kilogram currently costs about 50.000 US dollars. The Technical University of Berlin and the Universitat Wurzburg have developed a solution for this problem. On the 29th. September started from the Indian spacecraft Shriharikota four pico satellites. Including the "Experimental and Educational Satellite" (BEESAT) developed in Berlin and his Wurzburg counter-piece, the experimental satellite 2, short "Uwe II". The windings bring only about 1 kilograms to the scales and have an edge length of 10 centimeters.

Already in September of last year, the Pico satellites were sent on board an Indian PSLV C14 rocket to their journey in the orbit. The student team around Dipl. Ing. Frank Baumann, the project manager for the construction of the BEESAT satellites, pursued the successful start of Berlin via video stream. "As via the Internet chat from India the information came that" Beesat was successfully separated from the rocket top, there was spontaneous applause, "Baumann said. For the first radio contact with BEESAT in Berlin, however, the team had to wait a few more times. Only about 2 hours later appeared on the screens in the spacecraft control center the first telemetry data from the satellite. "A short evaluation of the data showed very quickly that Beesat was in good condition," so farther.


The woman house still allows “certain worship techniques” the cia

A report of New York Times covers how the Bush government with secret legal appraisals and prasident others highlight the torture prohibition and continues the CIA program, suspicious in secret quotes and rejecting and rejecting

After the disclosure of abuses in Abu Ghraib, the Bush government came under strong prere on the part of the congress, torture and mistreatment. After the nomination of the US voluntary justifiable Alberto Gonzales to the Minister of Justice at the end of 2004 was attempted to decipher the criticism of the torture permit with a new legal opinion. The memorandum ban at least maltreatment and torture, the "severe pain" cause. In 2002, a report commissioned by the fleeing house, where Gonzales participated, also classified severe torture as justified.

However, this was not far enough for the congress. After a long time and threats to insert a Veto if the torture ban should not only apply to the militar, but also for the CIA (US government wants for the CIA an exception of the threatening torture ban), signed US Prassident Bush just in the December 2005 The in the budget law for the Pentagon (H.R. 2863) New regulation inconvenited on the initiative of the Republican Senator Senator (US government accepted torture ban).


The wikipediatization of knowledge

Opportunities and risks of the largest online encyclopadia of all time

Wikipedia growth and growth. But how and where? Encyclopadia online in the free, published by layers such as experts (start May 2001) are between 9 and 10 million. Article, alone in the English version already supposedly 2.386.723 Article (Stand in early May 2008) appeared. Alone the Babylonian, often heavily fluctuating numbers confuse. This is any other knowledge medium, whether online or cuttered, far off. English could mean the idea for an international, global intelligence company, not only leading angelsiaqsian countries (such as Great Britain, Ireland, USA and Australia), but a global communication beyond the Commonwealth. Or through only a new digi imperialism of knowledge?

The German-speaking version currently includes (early May 2008) 750.345 items. Thereafter, French, Polish, Japanese, Italian and Dutch Follow in the range of Current 659 369 to 438.Contribute 608. After all, 19 languages already have more than 100.000 article on. In total, Wikipedia united 250 languages. For this you have to scroll down the so often-aligned main page. So there is also 8483 contributions in Kolsch / Riparisch, 1.579 in Boarisch (Bairic), 233 in Tibetan, 50 in Bugiansian, 17 in Cheyenne. Klingon is currently not a active community and is only geared to the media enterprise world.


The recession is supposed to be over

In Germany and France, the second quarter was allegedly recalled low growth

If you believe the leading data from statisticians in France and Germany, then the recession would actually be over again. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) has informed that gross domestic product (GDP) in 2. Quarter 2009 price, seasonal and calendar cleaned against the previous quarter should have increased by 0.3%. Previously, the economy had shrunk four quarters in a row. In the previous quarter, it was still a minus of 3.5%, the strongest rint of the calculation of official quarterly results in 1970 have been recorded since the beginning of the calculation.

So the numbers are quite good, but they are mainly due to the countless programs for the economic situation worldwide. "The recession is probably over", You now come into a phase of stabilization and a slight growth, the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) is already rejoicing despite everything. And you may be curious when the demand for a further VAT would be presented again and more vehemently. Because the expensive programs and banking rescues have to be paid to the taxpayer still, because they have finally driven the new debt to new record values.


New site hacked on human rights in china

State sovereignty before freedom of expression

Shortly after an official website on human rights from the Chinese society for human rights was put into the network in China, Broon Buster replaced by the Hacker Group Legions of the Underground the homepage by calling China to boycotting.

New site hacked on human rights in China

For a short time was to read there – Antionline has saved the chopped version – that Busters just do not want to believe the Scheibpropaganda on the site: "China’s people have no rights, let alone human rights. … They censors, murders, torture, beat and make everything we thought that it was laid back in the Middle Ages." The hacker asked to inform himself about Amnesty, and associate the charges against China with the accusation of the USA, Kevin Mitnik unlawfully imprisoned: "Fry Kevin." He made fun of the webmaster of the Chinese site: "Your security is a joke. We have rooted your box in record time. We just needed two minutes."


A new form of precarious workers

The first comprehensive study on the situation of student assistants and employees discovered new learning types for the labor market of the future. A conversation with author Christian cutsert

Around 400.000 student aid and employees are employed at German universities and take account of important tasks in a wide variety of areas. Because of the money, but certainly too, to direct the own (scientific) career from the beginning to the right tracks. That this plan is concerned may be doubted after a recent analysis.

Christian Schneickert describes in his currently released book "Student auxiliary qualifiers and employees" A education and laborious hardly explored group in the field of tension of social inequality and precarem employee. His study is based on several guideline interviews, a nationwide telephone survey of staff rates of German universities, talked to chair holders and a nationwide online survey of 3.961 auxiliary faith from 139 professionals, which was carried out from January to May 2011. Telepolis talked about the most important findings with cutters.


The sun wins

The sun wins

Since 2000, solar energy recovery has been increased by 200 times worldwide, wind energy recovery around 30 times. The winning train of renewable energies is no longer to stop. You have left the niche globally. A comment

For six years, more will be invested in the renewable year for year than in the old fossil atomic technologies. At the beginning of the development were solar and wind power – as with all new technologies – still very expensive. In 1990, the production of a kilowatt-hour solar power cost in Germany. one euro. In 2000 still 70 cents, today we are in Germany at 4.9 cents, in Africa, in Sudasia or in the Wissen Chiles at approx. two cents.

The government of Saudi Arabia has announced to produce a cent per kilowatt hour by 2025 solar power for a cent per kilowatt hour. The corresponding system should then deliver a performance of 200 gigawatts. This corresponds approximately to the power of 70 nuclear power plants. That's the solar age.


Women search engine

A marketplace?

Now we finally know how the German businessman introduces the woman as such. He reads in one of these wonderfully popular studies that the proportion of women in the World Wide Web stole. And he spurt the marketplace. Out comes a conglomerate that he "The search engine for the woman" Name:

What you do not tell yourself today, that’s jokes like "Why are women so little hands?" . Nevertheless, one should think about this question again and modify them in "Why do women need their own search engines?"


The crucial weapon

Journalists as a linguistic tube and "Information Operations"

The answers, the Rod Nordland, former Burole ladder of Newsweek in Baghdad in the short break in an interview on questions about reporting from Iraq with the magazine Foreign Policy, surprise no more nobody. Nordland is not the first journalist who states: "It is a lot worse than it is reported".

"The news from Iraq are regulated by the government" – Also, this key message has been read from other journalists who worked in Iraq in one or the other form rather rarely with the addition that the government masters this task quite well: "The Administration Does A Great Job of Managing The News." That the success is nevertheless disclosed and the government despite their efforts over the "to negative" Reporting in the media complains, according to Nordland shows the limits of information management. Nevertheless, after his collision, the government has a certain success: