Why “watson” a breakthrough is

why'watson' ein durchbruch ist

Fig. 2: Comparison between TREC and Jeopardy! along different complexity dimensions. In the middle every dimension is zero or. very small, at the edge of the polygon every dimension is roughly.

One year ago, the ie-response system developed by IBM has "Watson" In the American Quiz Show "Jeopardy!" The two best human players defeated. Another milestone in the development of machine intelligence

At the end of 2011, I was repeatedly wondering that scientists at our university are little about the IBM system called "Watson" Guide. had read. Actually, it does not happen every day that a computer can beat people on their original terrain, namely linguistic associative shut.1


Scotty, beam me up, there is no intelligent life on this planet!

The first successful long-distance teleportation of quantum

At the University of Geneva, a team of quantum physicists has succeeded in telepanting quantities on a distance of two kilometers. Under the title "Long-Distance Teleportation of Qubits at Telecommunication Wavelength" Report the researchers in the current ie of the Science Magazine Nature.

Photon source, image: University of Geneva