Americans do not want to reduce government spending

Contrary to the performances of the Republicans, Americans want to spend more after the current survey

According to the Republicans, the state has to shrink, which also brings, he has to lower his ies. However, the militar and other safety concerns, the American rights are not so sure, justucing the property is to be protected and secured worldwide economic interests. The austerity planner did not convince the Americans, which is why they were punished with the elections. A recent survey of the PEW Research Center proves that the amongwhile majority wants anything else to short than state ie.

But that could also make US Prasident Obama, because the must be spaded 2. Marz for household renovation Automatic shooters (Sequester Cuts) Almost all ies implement. Although 85 billion in this financial year is actually provided, the Congressional Budget Office from savings in the amount of 44 billion. The rest will be postponed for later years.


Mexico: “narcos” on expansion course

The country’s drug cartels internationalize their business relationships and increasingly expand their activities on the territory of the United States

At the end of February, employees of the US Federal Criminal Office (FBI) and the US anti-drug federation (DEA) arrested in the States of Maryland, Minnesota and California, which are suspected of working for the Mexican Sinaloa cartel in the federal states of Maryland, Minnesota and California. The action was the highlight of an almost two-year-continuous determination against Mexico’s oldest drug cartel, which has previously arrested 755 people in various places in the US and, in addition to $ 59.1 million, cash, 149 motor vehicles and three aircraft also 13.000 kilos of cocaine, 8000 kilos marijuana and 1.3 million ecstasy pills were confiscated. According to the US Foreign Office, Mexican cartels now control the trade in illegal drugs and the Attorney General of the United States, Eric H in 230 American Cities. Holder Jr., Recently explained at a press conference in Washington: "These cartels will be destroyed. They are a threat for national security."

After estimates from Edgardo Buscaglia, Legal Professor at the Private University ITAM in Mexico City, the Mexican drug bands now operate in 41 countries and already have a considerable criminal infrastructure in Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolovia and the States of Central America.


The consequences of increasing wealth relief distribution

Vermow respectively distribution as an opportunity? Part 2

In the first part (a paradox between warranting and increasing wealth relief distribution) of this three-part article series on the wedding respectively distribution was shown that a paradox exists between the self-regulating warrant compensation, which is derived from the theory of free labels, and the rising wedding respectively distribution. This paradox is not taken seriously by some representatives of the theory of free market and relativized. As a matter of principle, the theory of free market is acquitted and the problem increasingly assigned to other factors other than the market events. Thus, the theory of free market continues to be used as a flawless regulatory and economic reference.

In addition to the market theoretical tribulists, which do not interpret the continuously increasing wealth relief distribution as a fundamental disruption of market events, also reality-related market theorists who seriously take the paradox between the theoretical wealth equalization and empiricism. In doing so, soft doubts wide that something can not be voted on the theory of free market itself. And there are important important and practical questions in the foreground.


“I’m sure it will give a crash again”

Sahra Wagenknecht about the farewell of ordoliberalism under red-green and philosophical arrival of Homer Simpson

In its new book of wealth without greed, Sahra Wagenknecht examines, among other things, as the Federal Republic went away from ordoliberalism and speculative financial capitalism, which is geared towards short-term profits. Reinhard Jellen interviewed her

Mrs. Wagnknecht, the thesis of her book is that capitalism and market economy are by no means a symbiotic relationship nowadays, but that capitalism erods the market economy. You want to give pulses to rescue the market economy with your book before developed capitalism. But now I want in the sense of the epistemology Homer Simpson, of which the saying Everything was perfect in the past, except for that she has guided to the present, is called to object that, at least according to Karl Marx, exactly the market tends to lead to concentration processes of capital that produce oligopoles, which are then in turn, to remove market laws …
Sahra Wagenknecht: Yes, sometimes independently of the undoubtedly remarkable philosophical considerations of the simpsons is a bit of it. The market makes the strong strong and weak weak, but still there is a difference between a simple exchange on market and capitalist property. What I want to clarify is that a new economic order also needs market in certain areas – not everywhere, education, health and basic care, we do not need a market – but in the commercial economy you can not get out without you. However, this is far from the fact that we need capitalism because we could organize companies in other ownership ratios much better and more innovative than today is the case today. Image: @ dig / trialon


Study: gluck or positive thinking do not make healthy

But sickness makes disclosure and can lead to behaviors that further affect the health

Positive thinking or even chinile is to provide a widespread ideology, which in the USA on the background of religious convictions, for better health, about a strong immune system, and more long life. Who sells only strong negative thoughts and always remains optimistic, life succeeds better. This magical and compulsive thinking that sinks itself in hypnosis and wants to pull out Munchhausen on his own chief of the swamp, in addition to the fallenzer that people are responsible for fate and fail, disease and earlier death sometimes on a lack of performance in terms of to return to positive thinking.

Is all humbug, say now scientists of the Medical Faculty of the University of New South Wales under the direction of Bette Liu. The investigation published in The Lancet is based on more than one million British women who were taken between 1996 and 2001. Since then it has been persecuted to which diseases they died.


The crucial battle

The contested coarse attack of US dispute in Falludscha and Ramadi carries rough risks

For weeks it will be exhaust: the next "decisive battle" Iraq. A coarse offensive in Falludscha and Ramadi, the two "Rebelshochbabenges" In the Sunni nuclear country. Latest news from the Marines limited parties outside Falludscha speak of that Major Assault "probably inevitable" is and the "Roughest and potentially the most risky" Attack since the end of the "Main campaigns" will be in May of the last year.

As a political goal and justification for the imminent attack, which has been militarian for months with almost daily bombs on ever new ones "Shelter" The Sarqawi Gang is prepared in Falludscha, one explains that you want to bring Falludja and the strategically as important Ramadi in time for the upcoming elections under government control. But at what price?


European penetration: chancellor against folk decision

According to the green, FDP, PDS and the Bavarian Minister Prosident Stoiber, the SPD lawyers now demand a folk decision on the art for the art.

The yesterday explained the Federal Chairman of the Association of Social Democratic Jurists (ASJ) DR. Klaus Hahnzog, Chairman of the Committee for Catching, Legal and Parliamentary Questions of the Bavarian Landtag:

In the context of the further steps for the EU-commands developed by the European Congress Convention, the question of folk decision at federal level in Germany has become up-to-date in other parties. The parliamentary groups of RED / GRUN should have their bill from 13 as soon as possible. Marz 2002 to introduce the introduction of popular initiative, referendum and referendum to the Basic Law. Immediate democracy has preserved in the German countries and municipalities. It is considered as the order of the parliamentary-representative system.


Young american dare media not

Only the congress and the Wall Street are added even less trust, scientists and militar gets most familiar

The Institute for Politics of Harvard University has established in a poll the attitude of young people from 18-29 years to the media. After that, the commentary would be considered "Lying press", As in this country some circles mainly from the right and foreign corner to give them non-fierced media, still a praise. The American young people are deeply skeptical.

For 15 years, the institute has asked young people about their political attitudes, including the relation to the media. For the current survey, 3 were.034 18-29-year-olds between the 18th. Marz and the 1. April interviewed.