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"Valley of the Wolfe – Iraq" Is the liberal company on the sample of your own tolerance

The most interesting thing about the Turkish movie "Valley of the Wolfe – Iraq", in the original "Kurtlar Vadisi Irak", Is the reaction to him. Behind the dispute over the film is an unusual problem of open society. Barely two weeks after the "Caricature" Provokes the start of this Turkish action driver on the Iraq war, which is to Horen, that he should be very successful in his home country, the western democratic majority society. The German Republic reacts hysterical. What could be an occasion, tolerance and roughness, to prove the strong of a liberal pluralistic society, becomes its debacle.

Why turken do not make bad movies? And since when are stupidity and bad taste in Germany forbidden? In any case, prohibition requirements are to horns, since Serdar Akars Turkish film "Valley of the Wolfe – Iraq", started a week ago in German cinemas. The self-confident answer of an open society, or the overreaction of an anxious?


Who is mahmud abbas?

A profile of the early first Palastic Ministerial President, with which a new stage of palastic politics begins

The Palastian Parliament voted on Monday in Ramallah’s creation of a ministerial prestigent office. With 64 to 3 MEPs at four abstentions, a historical decision was fetched and at the same time provided Israeli and international demands. Jassir Arafat, the chosen Prasident Palastina, offered Mahmud Abbas (Abu Masen) the new post. However, this office has not yet accepted the Office and first wants to wait to determine his competences by Parliament. being "Yes word "is considered secured.

With Mahmud Abbas as a premier, the palatinians are a new stage of their story. The power range of Jassir Arafat, who has been at the top of Palastian politics for 34 years, was sacrificed. It is already decided that the Minister President of comprehensive authorizations to restructure the administration, finance and security. Abbas also liked to say that in the art negotiations with Israel and the composition of the Palastinian Cabinet.


Migrants discover the sea through the canal to the gobritain

Migrants discover the sea through the canal to the Gobritain

On the 27th. November Handle the French Kustenwache a migrant boat. Image: Prefet Maritime Some

In the Great Britain you are worried, with the small boats try to come above all Iranians to the island

In the course of the month, more migrants came back to Great Britain. The migrants had previously hidden in trucks to get through the Eurotunnel, so this route is after the construction of a wall and the room of the "Jungles of Calais", where sometimes 10.000 people lived and waited for an opportunity, largely vertebrated. Also in trucks to come in a driving, is very difficult. Between Calais and Dunkirchen were only a few hundred migrants in different places in tent camps, which are released again and again. In France, British police officers control who travels to the Great Britain. After the Brexit, with which the British wanted to avoid inner-European immigration, here is also the border between the EU and the Great Britain in French to the ground.


Psychology of the crisis

The G7 countries are available with beautiful words and without concrete measures against the financial crisis, which has already registered Japan or Spain

In Japanese Tokyo, the seven leading industrialist (G-7) came together on Saturday. The Ministers of Finance and central bank chiefs have advised the turbulence on the financial market and the risks for the global economy, which ame the US credit crisis. But over appeal formulas was not much to hear from the crisis summit, concrete measures were again not decided. The market responded, and also professional optimists on the borse slowly goes out the puffs. That the European Central Bank (ECB) has not lowered the key interest rates last week, love the borsen again on descent.

That psychology can have a rough impact on the developments of the global economy is known. Therefore, the G7 states US, Japan, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, France and Italy now agreed in Tokyo to avoid negative terms in order not to worsen the situation further. That was the signal that went out of the Mini Summit in London. Not even from a threatening recession in the US, before which was clearly warned on the Davos World Economic Summit, has been spoken. They had consequences for the entire global economy. There would "Uncertainty" Because of the weak of the US economy, one has agreed on a bondling language regulation. In the joint explanation, it is hopefully farther, the corner data of the global economy is still solid. Spoken is from a slowdown setting that can be different in individual countries. In the US, growth has "obscure". There were also risks, such as high raw material prices, the extension of the problems at the US mortgage market or inflation hazards.



Why computer does not "Means of choice" are

For the US elections, the quirks of election computers are already a running gag, in Holland you can laugh far less. That even German elections already take place via computer, for the first time on 13. June 2004, most of the Federal Councilors did not become aware. But in principle, the computer-understood elections are not to protect against unnoticed manipulations.

How to assist a company?


Bawag – refco – balance sheet on reciprocity?

The Easter-rich trade union bank and the world-growing independent, Prime Broker ‘have been entangled thanks to common interests in one of the largest financial coverage chandel of the young

In the summer of 2005, the Easter-rich trade union bank BAWAG-PSK had advised international headlines because they had overhead of 350 million dollars at whose Boss Phillip Bennet had a few hours before bursting the Refco Scandal. The Brokerhaus Refco, which had profiled itself as a full-service provider as a full-service provider, especially for hedge funds as a full-service provider, was only a few weeks earlier to the borse. Bennet, who obviously concealed uncollectible claims for years, had failed to ensure "order" in time for the balance sheet date and to transform the losses in "valuable" demands. In particular, a new employee in the Refco accounting had not been brought to line in time, which would love the course in the US land-bearing scandal.

At first it had looked at the beginning, as the Bawag had once again had a "Small Austrian Wannabe" from Greed and Naivitat from a Wall Street Fuchs to the cross, the matter turns out to be a desperate attempt of BAWAG, a loss hiding almost three times as high as that, the Refco implodes. Where the interests of Refcos and BAWAG, which was revealed from 1996 to 2004 to 46 percent of the Bavarian Landesbank, apparently ideally investigated.


Procedure against art network leonardo dismissed

French court does not see a brand protection infringement

A court in Nanterre, France, decided last Monday, the 28.May that the art network Leonardo may continue to use its name on the Internet. The 30-year-old art organization was sued in 1999 by Transasia Corp and Leonardo Finance because they claimed to suffer sales pits through the naming ion.

The complaining group required 1 million. $ Damages for violation of trademark law and business. As one of the reasons given, WebSurfer were deflected when entering the name Leonardo to the website of the arts teaching network and magazine. In the course of the investigations it had come to absurd faith, such as Z.B. A house search at the nearly ninety-year mother of the head of Roger Malina, in whose house is the extensive Leonardo archive. Leonardo had been collecting materials for the topic of art and technology for 30 years and the police had come up with the job to copy all documents on which the name is Leonardo. Above over the Fille of the material, they moved away from indignant things again.


Aliens for all

At Seti @ Home, many people should participate in the search for Auberrard intelligence

Whoever wants and has a computer with access to the Internet, will soon be involved in the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. So far, this search is limited to scientists and after some enthusiasm declined again, even though the Films Contact or Independence Day have again aroused a general interest. For example, the Sesti-Institut founded by Carl Sagan has been a privately financing privately to operate the PHOENIX project, in which the universe allows for narrowband radio signals that do not occur in nature "secured" will.

Scientists at the University of California have launched a project with SETI @ home to look for the cooperation of millions of people and their computers in a collective action and in a narrow frequency spectrum much more precisely than other projects according to radio signals, which may could come from intelligent life. The data with a program after signals in 4.000.000 different combinations of frequency, bandwidth and temporal frequency drift can be examined, come from the ARECIBO radio telescope in Puerto Rico, the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world. If millions of PCs on the network simultaneously export calculations, they can be many times faster than the best – and most expensive – anticipatory supercomputer. Each individual networked computer becomes part of an internet supercomputer. The entire computing work is divided and distributed in small portions to the individual computers, which reject their results back to the central computer that integrates them.



The board game "lady" is solved: The computer program Chinook has calculated all possible and confirmed itself to be unbeatable

If your PC offers you a loose game of lady in the future – beat the invitation better, the computer wants to demonstrate you only his presentation. For at some point in the Fruhen Middle Ages in Sudfrankreich board game is now fully solved, as Canadian researchers of the University of Alberta describe in Edmonton in the current ie of the Science Magazine Science. The scientists did not hung themselves for months at the plaid lady board – they have been working on the computer for themselves. In mathematics, the computer guided, so calculated, evidence now no longer unusual – they are not so elegant as others, but quite solid.

Lady was played by the computer program Chinook, which already has a certain reputation in the Ladegemeinde and had already played in 1994 against human opponents to the world championship title. The problem (for the Chinook 1997 as an active player be sent in pension) was quite no small: 500 billion billion positions were to be paid out. The result: If both players always select the optimal allowance, the Damiel game is not to be gained.


Excitement about emulators

In the dynamic games industry manufacturers stuck the claims of the future.

There are emulators almost as long as computer gives. Until recently, they questioned a nish-eating way without paying greater attention to them. The situation changed as a good two years ago, in the course of rediscovering the beginning digital entertainment culture, various usually collaborative emulator projects with the aim of raising the old games on current PCs again to life. Excluded by the fast-growing popularity of programs like M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), the video game industry began to perceive the programs widespread on the Internet as unpleasant and – in her eyes – illegal competition. The situation was created by the possibility of emulating not only outdated systems on a PC, but also current games for the PlayStation or Nintendo 64. Several court proceedings at the beginning of the year brought some light into the gray zone, but without lead to finishing clarification. Why is?

Imagine you buy a record. Imagine that the turntable you need to kill the plate horns has a lifespan of 40 years. If you want to horn the record after this time, so you have to buy a new player. So far so good. However, this example transfers this example from the analog to the digital world and replaces the plate Z.B. by a "Space-Invaders" Cartridge for the Atari VCS (’79), the situation is twisted. The problem is that in 40 years, if our playcloth is no longer ready for use, since its chips are oxidized, no other device of its kind was allowed to work more. Also, it is hardly to be expected that the respective license holder of a device was then placed another series of the meanwhile older car. We can not dodge other playback devices because our program is just from the system as "Space Invaders" is recognized, for which it is written. So do? Emulators can be a solution.