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The Vehicle EO Smart Connecting Car developed in Bremen promises the connection of the advantages of OPNV and individual traffic

At the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen, the self-controlling electric automobile EO is currently being developed within the framework of the project "New Mobilitat in the Landscape", which can conclude with others to a roadtrain and thus not only save energy, but also attention. Telepolis talked to Timo Birnschein, which develops the IT for the system.

Mr. Birnschein – What distinguishes the EO from other self-drive cars as they are developed by Google, Audi or BMW?
Timo Birnschein: Oh, much actually. Practical cars with autopilotes are based on normal gasoline or diesel-driven models with automatic transmission. Then the car is controlled via a mechanical or (if present) via response of the CAN bus of the vehicle. So it can be that there "Robotic legs" really get gas and brake. Our car is fully electric, has four drives in the bars and is complete Drive by Wire mobile. So there is no mechanical connection to the vehicle anymore – apart from the brake itself. That’s for emergency trap. Normally, the drives are braked by returning the braking energy. In addition, we can direct both the front and the back – actually you could designate that as the main feature. As a result, we are able to turn on the spot, or even sideways to drive. And should the parking lots be too small, we fold the car just 50 cm together overall our car is not a technical really similar so far. Even normal, commercial e-cars have a central motor, a gearbox and differential – and also axes. All this falls away with us and thus saves a good 500 kg weight. So our car weighs only about 700 kg and is accordingly mobile and efficient.


Green light

Iraq: laser weapons for US checkpoints

An average of eight times a day open US soldiers on strain checkpoints in Iraq The fire on drivers and occupants of oncoming cars, which evidently do not spend their pace. The risk that in fast approaching car enemy guerrillas sit is high, as well as the immense print that lasts on the soldier (cf. Communication problems with the US military) who must take the right decision within a very short time.

Because the risk that in the car, which is shoted, sitting harmless, uninvolved civilians, is very high and misguided way too often. Spectacular trap (cf. The liberated sacrifice becomes the victim of the liberators) provided for worldwide sensation and discussions. Now the Pentagon joyfully concocted a technical solution for the dilemma of American soldiers to Iraqi strain control points – a "milestone in the history of non-dead weapons".


Impatient waiting for an improvement in life

Impatient waiting for an improvement in life

Cairo neighborhood Imbaba. In the background a choice poster with the counterfei of Mohamed Morsi. Photos: Martin Hoffmann

Egypt before the runoff: the dispute over the political process growth

Many Egyptians see themselves represented by the two candidates in the run-selection. Development of the political process growth. In addition, more viewed electoral false in favor of the second-placed ex-General Ahmed Shafiq.


Al gore calls new apollo program

The Energy and Climate Week Show: Gore wants to get out of the fossil fuels in ten years, Bush still quickly grab a few environmental protection barriers and enjoy the local energy companies for the gas price at a high level.

If the process has operated such a lousy policy, such as the still-reigning US Prassident George Bush in the last eight years, then it is not surprising that expectations are high. Only right when the new is charismatic like Barack Hussein Obama, who seems to be the personalized correlation for many US and other worldburger.

About the miles to-do list, which Obama will work out, hundreds of articles have been written in the last week, and never lacked a reference to the enormous problems of energy supply and greenhouse gas emissions. In this area, as no other country has sabotaged the international negotiation process in the last 18 years and at the same time further enhanced the already high emissions.