Why is the first million e-mobile in germany still not on the strain?

Why is the first million e-mobile in Germany still not on the strain?

The new e-inssetta. Image: Micro

It does not want to be nothing with the first million in E-car in Germany – and that is not only at the prices and reach of the vehicles

The Chancellor promised a million electric vehicles in 2011 until 2020. This is probably no longer able to create in the remaining 30 months. Currently statista reports less than 35 in Germany.000 vehicles with electric drive. And in reality, probably the number of purely electrically driven motor vehicles will be significantly lower, because statistically paying hybrid vehicles to the electrically powered.


A bad day for the criminals

Policemen can surf now

Federal interior Minister Otto Schily was completely enthusiastic in the face of the now functional search system INPOL-NEW. The 4. September 03 is "A bad day for the criminals and a good for the burgers", The minister swarmed before loaded specialist audience in the BKA in Wiesbaden. Together with the reigning chairman of the Ministers of Interior Andreas Trautvetter (Thuringen) and BKA Prasident Ulrich Kersten, Schily presented the new system.

For years, inoperely newly made (cf. Police information system INPOL-NEW threatens to become fiasco). It replaces a search system created 30 years ago by the former BKA Prassident Horst Herold and with the current prassident kersten "Inpol up-to-date" wedding. Actually, the new system should be introduced in 2001, but it flopped. Nothing worked


Hitler’s fight also for germans on the internet

But it does not just have to be the internet …

What a comeback! As soon as Dieter has disappeared in the German forest, diving in our Blatterwald the bodily on: Adolf Hitler. Not as a person, but at least as an author with his book "My fight". You can not find that, Findige employees of the Simon Wiesenthal Center have now found out, over the Internet in the USA, because it may be legally sold there. And because the Internet is not aimed for national laws and is criticized to regret all dictators of this world, German burgers can also be linked "My fight" order via the net directly in the USA, although the squares Nazi bars are banned by us known to us.

The emport of it is roughly. The company Bertelsmann, Am "Hitler-suspicious" US online handler BarnesandNoble.Com involved, the matter is terrible embarrassing. Federal Minister of Justice Herta Daaxler-Gmelin Dearly explained, her Ministry of Wool Procedure Politically against the sale of Nazi reading on the Internet. But as she wants to do that, she did not reveal so far.


Americans do not want to reduce government spending

Contrary to the performances of the Republicans, Americans want to spend more after the current survey

According to the Republicans, the state has to shrink, which also brings, he has to lower his ies. However, the militar and other safety concerns, the American rights are not so sure, justucing the property is to be protected and secured worldwide economic interests. The austerity planner did not convince the Americans, which is why they were punished with the elections. A recent survey of the PEW Research Center proves that the amongwhile majority wants anything else to short than state ie.

But that could also make US Prasident Obama, because the must be spaded 2. Marz for household renovation Automatic shooters (Sequester Cuts) Almost all ies implement. Although 85 billion in this financial year is actually provided, the Congressional Budget Office from savings in the amount of 44 billion. The rest will be postponed for later years.


“The afd focuses on the german-being”

The sociologist Wilhelm Heitmeyer on the achievements of the AfD in Gelsenkirchen, the Armest city of Germany and the Hochburg of the AfD in the West, and the differences between East and West

Wilhelm Heitmeyer is a German sociologist, educational scientist and professor for socialization at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Conflict and Violence Research (IKG) of the University of Bielefeld. He was director of the institute until 2013 and since then he is there in the context of a research spell. Since the 1980s he has been investigating right-wing extremism, from 2002 to 2012, his long-term study ran "Group-related human knutility".

The Ruhr area is considered as "Crucible" With a long experience in immigration of people. Why have so many burgers elected the AFD?
Wilhelm Heitmeyer: The immigration in early times from Poland or from Turkey can not be compared with the immigration of today at all. The earlier immigration was immigration in work and that has changed fundamentally. For example, through the influx of Bulgaria and Romania and by course through the escape. In this respect, the labeling with the crucible is no longer reasonable. It has taken a lot of time in the past. Now you have no time anymore. There are many people in short velocity. This is especially true for certain districts in Gelsenkirchen with long-lasting structural problems. There are also a variable and sweeping conditions, as many freestanding apartments – that looks like a magnet. Gelsenkirchen is the poor city in Germany according to a current statistic. At the same time, the former city of the thousand fire is a stronghold of the AFD. Here, 17 percent of the burgers have chosen the party in the general election. There is a connection?
Wilhelm Heitmeyer: On the one hand, it is so that in the east there is the flat-covered success of the AFD. In West Germany this is very different and, for example, there are very rich bads like Heilbronn. This has to do with the tradition in Baden-Wurttemberg, where there has always been such success – in the past, especially by the Republicans. Today, the fear of social descent is added in the rich city – even with the employees of Audi. In the citys like Gelsenkirchen with the high poverty rate, there are two things. On the one hand the competition for scarce resources and on the other side – that’s always a connection – is transferred to cultural differences. Whether this is Muslims or the immigrant everyday culture from Sudosturopa – so from Bulgaria and Romania. There is a relationship between the elective layers and the structural situation in the city. And that does not just apply to Gelsenkirchen, but also applies to other neighborhoods in the Ruhr area. There are mainly the neighborhoods in the north of the respective city – so in the Essen north or in Duisburg. It is necessary to look exactly what form of disintegration also experienced the origin of German or parts thereof.


Rare self-report

the "New York Times" Criticizes their own reporting in the environment of the Iraq war

When the readers of the New York Times open their newspaper on Wednesday, one or the other may not have dared his eyes. Because the editorial with the inconspicuous call The Times and Iraq contained confessions of rare species. It is time to say so sweet the leaf, after hundreds of articles published in the area of the Iraq war, now to review their own reporting critical and unbiased.

The result first demanded slightly surprising, because self-analysis found natural "a tremendous amount of journalistic contributions we are proud of." But there was obviously other:


Ticks the net correctly?

A short history of internet time and a few comments on M-commerce and satellite

Canada – a wonderful country, to which our not only mounties, maple syrup and the Lumberjack Song of the Monty Pythons should come in, but also Sir Sanford Fleming.

Fleming, on the 7. July 1827 born Scot, was pulled in 1845 to Canada and had to be trained there to the engineer. From 1863 he was entrusted with the important coarse project of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the first transcontinental railway connection of his country. The task that the space of this huge country was technically took place for chief engineer fleming also asking questions of time. Railways need reliable timetable. During this problem with the transistory railroad built from 1891, that you simply adjusted the timetable and the station watches along the entire route on Moscow time, Fleming thought as a burger of the British Empire Global. He was not only fossomrecher of the telegraphic networking of the British dominion, but also initiated that Washington Conference, in which in 1884 the ZeroMeridian in Greenwich and the still valued time zones still today.


Like new media the flow of information and thus the company

Place and Information I

New media mean new cultural environmental. They urge the terrain on which we move mentally, and they are responsible for access to locations or information, which is sometimes the same. The internet and digital media like the mobile phone stand for the last rough basic changes in the media landscape and there are not a few voices that see a revolutionary potential. Thus, the protests and power shifts in the Arab countries like to be associated with this new media landscape – from the blog to tweeting. Meanwhile, even a whole young generation about the Internet seems to be defined and to use their digital affinities as a distinctional feature against others. In such a situation, it makes sense to take analyzes of previous media umbrellars as a film for current analyzes.

Thus, the advent of television in the 1950s was attributed a similar revolutionary potential as today the Internet. The American media researcher Joshua Meyrowitz about describes in his book "Everywhere and nowhere. The television company"1, like that "new" Medium television The social relationships influenced and addresses the process as a change in the media landscape gives social environmental environment by changing access to knowledge in a society.


Erdogan continues war against the opposition party hdp

Erdogan continues war against the opposition party HDP

In recent days, nearly 200 apartments were searched in the mostly lived inhabited by Kurds and in Istanbul by Special Insurance Commands and the police, searched and resourceed

The situation of opposition in Turkey becomes more and more critical. HDP members and deputies are arrested. The former chairman SelaHattin Demirtas must be detained despite a different judgment of the European Human Rights Court EGR. The Turkish prasident had explained, for him the verdict has no binding effect.

Now the European Parliament also deals with the case Demirtas and the situation of political prisoners in Turkey. Reports about decommunications, torture and conventions in police stations and cogs are heaps, it is also reported on secret pristises.


Rew moscow snowdens delivery as a gift to trump?

Rews Moscow Snowdens delivery as a gift to Trump?

-Snowden_asyl_ (15186216900).JPG: Image: Tony Webster / CC BY-2.0

Leaks from US intelligence suggest this possibility, but it is unlikely

It sounds very much like a fake news, if NBC reports that American intelligence services had collected information to which the Russian government was explored to deliver Edward Snowden to the USA. Thus Donald Trump could be made a gift. That’s one of the possibilities that were listed, so allegedly a source of intelligence services to make Trump weighed. Interesting is the story from the intelligence note but, which is why she was also widely used, she does not read.