Women search engine bellissima.de

A marketplace?

Now we finally know how the German businessman introduces the woman as such. He reads in one of these wonderfully popular studies that the proportion of women in the World Wide Web stole. And he spurt the marketplace. Out comes a conglomerate that he "The search engine for the woman" Name: Bellissima.de.

What you do not tell yourself today, that’s jokes like "Why are women so little hands?" . Nevertheless, one should think about this question again and modify them in "Why do women need their own search engines?"

A conceivable answer was loud because you in Bellissima.De so female rubrics like "Horoscope, Family, Kitchenette, Psychotest, Beauty" Etc. Find a click / look. And there are a lot of great gift tips and ads of Neckermann and Talkline…

Another possibility of goods because you then "that’s how it’s done" directly as a link next "Looking for" Writing without masses on flames at the operator endemann.DE Cultivation that you should not keep a surfer for that way.

Or you just answer: "Yes, why actually?"

Are women so different that they need a man-free search engine? Keep the mouse runs around and see Reuters news in the light of your make-up level? Women are a demarcated target group, because the midwife can already say that the Zipfel may apply here as a clear exclusion parameter? Were not wonderful marketing platforms like "The search engine for the man" – probably with the categories "Tits", "Tits" and "Tits" or what? – or "The search engine for the left hand" Useful, because the one simply has to read another socks in the net and the other layout of the site liked to mirror?

Do not we want to be like this: Bellissima.DE is a portal for women. Because of me. But Bittbeitteitte no search engine a la feminin. How meaningful phone cells for women were such search engines or snow cannons in the Arctic. Search engines should cover and strain a lot from the mesh possible (endemann will hopefully do not go so far and show only typical women’s turns as hits…To). The USERTERFACE should not respond to specific gender, but to specific inquiries. Not more.

Just. Enough excited. I go back to my souvenir operating system, write with my northern European keyboard a few typical Aries sets and then turn off the Young Urban Professional hardware with my decision maker.

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