U.s. Bunkers, inc.

"Do not Wait for Disasters, Be Prepared For The Worst"

Not only since the times of the Maginot line the word "bunker" Associated with a barely destructive, easy-to-defending and difficult, massive structure – and yet it has not lost anything of his thread taste of taste, the bunker is also known as a little inviting, uncomfortable place, penetrated by bad receptors and even more unaccuratous activities – a hoard of illness, suffering and death. This is to change now.

U.S. Bunkers, Inc

Companion in 1998 in Miami (Florida, USA).S. Bunkers, Inc. Has written on the flags to liberate the bunker from his bad image and in turn to Hieven to the front yard of American households. Not only thanks to the propagandistic work through the Homeland Security seems to be ripe for that, because:

With Populations Becoming Increasingly Larger And Concentrated, There is a Growing Need "to be prepared". AS The Secretary General of the United Nations Observed (At The Idndr Forum – Geneva, July 1999), "We Must, Above All, Shift From A Culture of Reaction to A Culture of Prevention. Prevention is not only more humane than Cure; it is often cheaper. Above All, Let US Not Forget That Disaster Prevention IS A Moral Imperative".In thesis Times, a life-threatening situation Can Arise at Any Time; WE Should Be Prepared for the unexpected.

U.S. Bunkers, Inc. Looks at the supposed home clientel traditionally at the militar, but also in civilian, private and industrial areas. Your transportable, aerodynamic and monolithic concrete structures should give life and rescue life.

For this purpose, the company developed the multipurpose platform bunker (Multipurpose Platform – MPP). This armored and air and waterproof unit can be adapted to many applications and purposes between 13-18 tonnes in masses – according to the company, it is the nonplusultra at Uberrirdisches ("The Guardian"), Underground ("The Foxhole") and underwater bunkers ("The posei dome") who can withstand reliable monster hurricans, tornadoes, militar, terrorist attacks and high water prints.

In October 2002 u set.S. Bunkers, Inc. on the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting (AUSA in Washington, D.C. no.9 prototypes before. The bunker model "The Guardian" was carried out as a safety and monitoring unit. In a usable flat of seven square meters and an interior high of 1.90 meters, six adults can be found.

U.S. Bunkers, Inc

"The Guardian": Bunker-kleeder for the domestic courtyard

The bunkers are made of excess concrete, steel, glass fiber and a company-owned mixture of polymer fibers. The wall thickness is comparable to that of the Pentagon. The bunker remains mobile. The life pays after centuries, the bunkers themselves are practically maintenance-free. In diamond formal bunker design, no right angles are to be found; The construction is poured out of a stucco and forms an impenetrable monolithic structure with the same long pages that should turn strong winds, floors and around flying trumvers. Monoliths are with uplifted people "State of Preparedness" especially popular.

U.S. Bunkers, Inc

"The Guardian" is virtually not to locate through radar or night vision gates and stalls with the right camouflage paint perfectly to any environment. If no crisis position prevails, the bunker can also as a steam bath or. Sauna or serves as a guest bungalow.

The standard excluding is an air circulation. A dual turbine system exchanges the internal air every 60 seconds. Also standard is the provision of electricity with batteries with 12 – 110 volts. Filter for biological and chemical war carrying, air conditioning and heating are optional. Generators, solar sails and additional batteries can be used in or. to be installed on the bunker to create a self-preserved unit. Water supply tanks, cameras, safety and monitoring equipment are also optional – what the customer is just as needed in peace, war or arctic research. The bunker’s bunker should be compact and comfortable, with modern and supple glass fiber design – one should like in a boat.

The whole thing can be sterilized in minutes and can then serve as an opa hall or intensive care unit. They are well suited in their diversity for the monitoring of airport and embassies at home or in the enemy country. Other uses are command centers, ammunition deposits, buros, safes, intensive care, security items in military assets and even prisoners. You can stand well in addition to nuclear power plants and in your own garden or serve as a storage room for dangerous materials.

Still life with roof hatch – the interior of the "Guardian"

For u.S. Bunkers, Inc. There is apparently no life situation in which one should be within range without bunkers – their applications are limited only through their own imagination. MPP units were placed in the expected catastrophes in the likely affected areas, considered with equipment and be manned with rescue crowds, so that even after ill affiliation already helpers are on site.

U.S. Bunkers, Inc. offers different bunker types – from about 50.000 US dollars. The general public becomes the model "Civilian" prefer – a home unit for modern people of today, the predictor and his risks in the case of dessar to minimize wife. In this musbled concrete block, sometimes clearly extends, and if it takes a little more long in the next riots, the homelectronic amenities are still on the spot, and you can spend the waiting time with a good DVD. However, it is pointed out that everything has to be slightly smaller from space, including TV and chest.

The bunker monoliths are normally transported by truck. For special entries, a CH-47 Chinook helicopter can also take a bunker. You can be brought to any place of the earth in a short time. For example, a C-5 Galaxy can pay ten bunkers at once and settle the addressee via GPS parchers, with an accuracy of about 30 meters. He then only needs a 40-50 ton crane to get his new acquisition properly.

And u.S. Bunkers, Inc. are not the only providers. So there is z.B. at Storm Safe Rooms also a collection of protective plans, which have absolutely less luxurious. In principle, this is safes, which as a refuge in bad weather or as "Panic Room" to serve with Magnian survivors:

A Storm Safe Room Will Keep Your Family Safe From Both The Weather and Intruders! Aren’t they wordh it?

The model "Yard bunker" Storm Safe Rooms are underground installed. He should provide 8-12 people

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