The woman house still allows “certain worship techniques” the cia

A report of New York Times covers how the Bush government with secret legal appraisals and prasident others highlight the torture prohibition and continues the CIA program, suspicious in secret quotes and rejecting and rejecting

After the disclosure of abuses in Abu Ghraib, the Bush government came under strong prere on the part of the congress, torture and mistreatment. After the nomination of the US voluntary justifiable Alberto Gonzales to the Minister of Justice at the end of 2004 was attempted to decipher the criticism of the torture permit with a new legal opinion. The memorandum ban at least maltreatment and torture, the "severe pain" cause. In 2002, a report commissioned by the fleeing house, where Gonzales participated, also classified severe torture as justified.

However, this was not far enough for the congress. After a long time and threats to insert a Veto if the torture ban should not only apply to the militar, but also for the CIA (US government wants for the CIA an exception of the threatening torture ban), signed US Prassident Bush just in the December 2005 The in the budget law for the Pentagon (H.R. 2863) New regulation inconvenited on the initiative of the Republican Senator Senator (US government accepted torture ban).

Prohibits Any Individual in The Custody Or Physical Control of the U.S. Government, Regardless of Nationality Or Physical Location, From Being Subject to Cruel, Inhuman, OR Degrading Treatment Or Punishment.

Already then, however, it was clear that the woman’s house, as it is his style, has created a loophole to do so, as if to have artistic ill-treatment a bar, while on torture in the service of freedom in the "Global war against terror" by no means wanted to do without. So US Prasident Bush – as in the case of numerous other laws, relies (I am the law) – in the signing of the budgetary law, above all in terms of dealing with prisoners terror-shaped a statement. In him, it brings about that the regulation "Title X: Matters Relating to Detainees" to be designed by the executive so that this is done with the "Primary authority of the Prasident" and his authority as the highest commander "consistent" be to protect the land before terrorism. It was clearly emphasized that prisoners may not be possible to proceed with torture or complaints about freedom of freedom to go to an American court (the unrecorded power of the US prasident).

As the New York Times reports, the justified Minister of Justice Gonzales, according to the first memorandum, should prohibit torture, in early 2005 hurrying to create another but secret report, which now, as informed of newspaper announced, explicitly allowed CIA-beloved , Prisoner terror-shaped with one "Combination of painful body and psychological measures How to hit the head, pre-exchanged drowning and suspension to cold" to bring to speak. Gonzales had enforced this against the Vizeminister James Comey, which, although Republicans, also criticism of legally questionable maws of the Bush administration and is backed up in August 2005 among others due to differences in terms of torture.

The same game had obviously repeated after the torture ban in the budget law of the Pentagon. Previously, US Prassident Bush and CIA boss liked to have a lot of the new ones "Innovative worship techniques" spoken that did not represent torture and are completely legal ("This secret service does not torture"To). Another secret opinion, which gave Gonzales, explained how the New York Times reports that all horses used by the CIA are legal. It has started Steven G. Bradbury, since 2005 head of the Office of Legal Counsel, who also worried the justification of the NSA-Lauschrogramm.

Only in July 2007, Bush signed a prasident’s religion, which for a detention and horn program of the CIA "certain" Unwadtechnics approved. Which precisely, does not come out, but probably it was allowed to become some of the otherwise known otherwise "techniques" act (the approved hard worship techniques of the CIA). The prasident declaration was brought and approved by Bradbury. Allegedly, since then, the CIA has also started again, suspicious, for which the Geneva conventions, but also the American laws after the point of view of the woman’s house does not apply, in secret quotes abroad to determine and reject. The prasident declaration explains that "enemy camphor" still do not fall under the protection of the Geneva conventions and that "Central Intelligence Agency Detention and Interrogation Program" allegedly with the Geneva conventions.

Tony Fratto, the spokesman of the woman’s house, wanted to take a comment on the reports, but ared that intelligence and white house acted in line with the American laws. The New York Times explains, she has experienced by the secret reports, which serve as free letter for the female house and torture intelligence employees, through numerous talking with present and former governmental people who have to do with the evidence of terrorism or. have to do. Because it is secret documents or because they themselves were involved in the CIA practices, many had reported only under the condition of anonymity.

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