The sun wins

The sun wins

Since 2000, solar energy recovery has been increased by 200 times worldwide, wind energy recovery around 30 times. The winning train of renewable energies is no longer to stop. You have left the niche globally. A comment

For six years, more will be invested in the renewable year for year than in the old fossil atomic technologies. At the beginning of the development were solar and wind power – as with all new technologies – still very expensive. In 1990, the production of a kilowatt-hour solar power cost in Germany. one euro. In 2000 still 70 cents, today we are in Germany at 4.9 cents, in Africa, in Sudasia or in the Wissen Chiles at approx. two cents.

The government of Saudi Arabia has announced to produce a cent per kilowatt hour by 2025 solar power for a cent per kilowatt hour. The corresponding system should then deliver a performance of 200 gigawatts. This corresponds approximately to the power of 70 nuclear power plants. That's the solar age.

The solar agent begins

It is completely clear whom the future is obvious. why? Sun and wind are gifts of the sky. The solar industry is booming worldwide, it reached a plus in Germany in 2018 a plus to the previous year of 30%. But in this country the wind energy stumbles. In the first half of 2019, 82% less wind raders were created in Germany than in the previous year. The main cause: Burocratic Willkur and short-sighted resistance from the population.

Since 2006, the prices for photovoltaic systems have fallen by sensational 90%. A unique success story. A solar park runs 30 to 40 years – maintenance arm, while a wind farm with movable windfluets is maintenance intensive. The planning time for a wind farm is currently lasting in Germany six years. A solar park can be built after a year.

Six kilowatts of solar performance on the roof rich for a four-headed family with solar car. The refueling of a gasoline is about five times more on the gauge as the electricity on its own roof. That speaks all around. And you need about 40 square meters of roof surface. The installation takes one to two days.

Meanwhile, in Germany 1.6 million roof solar systems. But that also means: 85% of our roofers are still completely around in the area, although the sun seems to almost every roof. Why?

Also the storage options for solar power have improved. To the solar power systems purchased today, the memory is usually purchased. The batteries are in the basement. In addition, there is more and more farmers now drift duplicate agriculture. On the ground classic agriculture and six or eight meters of a sanded solar system. Peasants can now double their crop yield on the same flat. That has a future.

Photovoltaic systems are recyclable

And the recycler problem? Andreas bed from the Fraunhofer Institute against the "world": "Solar modules are 100 percent recyclable. They contain no toxic substances."

Finally, the GROKO in Berlin has understood all the benefits of solar energy: The climate protection package should be doubled the proportion of solar power to 98 from 49 gigawatts to 98. Why not tripled or frightened? The roofs are available.

The entire Symphony of the Renewable

For a reliable power supply, we need an intelligent mix of all renewable sources: sun, wind, hydropower, bioenergy, geothermal energy and power and waves of the oceans. So to speak, the entire Symphony of Renewable. What was more than too expensive and as immaculatively, is the future today. Sun and wind and co are more reliable than the gas of Vladimir Putin or the ol of the Saudis, which comes to an end in a few decades anyway. All renewable energy sources are still a few billion years – environmentally friendly, climate-neutral and inexpensive. What are we waiting for?

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