Rew moscow snowdens delivery as a gift to trump?

Rews Moscow Snowdens delivery as a gift to Trump?

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Leaks from US intelligence suggest this possibility, but it is unlikely

It sounds very much like a fake news, if NBC reports that American intelligence services had collected information to which the Russian government was explored to deliver Edward Snowden to the USA. Thus Donald Trump could be made a gift. That’s one of the possibilities that were listed, so allegedly a source of intelligence services to make Trump weighed. Interesting is the story from the intelligence note but, which is why she was also widely used, she does not read.

NBC explains, a second secret employee has confirmed this. This has emerged from talking between government members since the fulfillment of Trump, which, so you have to be shocked out of the presentation.

So it is not much more than a fraction that is spread here. Of course, it is unlikely that it is superimposed on the Russian side, how to improve the relationship with the American government, so what trade one could respond. A delivery of Snowden to the US, where he is considered a high-terrain and also talked about Trump from a death penalty, in addition to the readiness for cooperation, it was also possible to implement the US prasident strong, his envision, again better relations with Moscow to produce again. Also Trump’s opponents who criticize an adoption of Russia, could weak such a countermate, expressed Russia to Dafur did a snowden protection.

However, it is strange why the US intelligence agencies exclude this possibility to punish the media and not more, which are discussed, provided that there were indeed securational. In addition, a delivery of Snowden would be a symbolic gesture, but with a "deal" it was probably about to go more than a person who "Treason" committed years ago and no acute danger. A procedure against Snowden in the USA was also the activities of the intelligence services to be cooked again in the public. Whether Trump or. The intelligence services are interested in being questionable.

Snowdens team explained what little means that there is no known about any delivery planes. When Snowden Rights Uber Twitter, that the potential tarpaulin is "proof" For this, he did not cooperate with Russian intelligence services, which is likely to be amed, that’s certainly a point. Another evidence can hardly be called this, because Snowden could then report by this if he was indeed from Russian intelligence services,.

Glenn Greenwald points out that the ex-CIA director Mike Morrell had already spoken of it in January that Moscow Snowden as "gift" could deliver to Trump. The spokeswoman for the Russian Dome Ministry, Maria Zakharova, clarified that the residence permit for Snowden had been demanded for a few years. She also criticized Morrell that it’s normal to be normally to give people as a gift looking for protection.

Now you could also speculate that Washington’s russians with this information suggests to think of such a gift. For Moscow is Snowden, similar to assange for Ecuador, but now a stress. Realpolitically intended, the effect of recording of whistleblowers has long been used up. In the woman’s house, a government has been drawn, which one wants to meet rather, Snowden did not play a rough role, as an unconditional defender of the state and government opponents, Russia is unknown.

For Moscow goods a delivery of Snowden therefore probably worth a superstructure if it is rough "Dealer" – Cooperation in Syria, acceptance of the crime recovery, accessibility in Ukraine, from NATO march to the borders of Russia and the missile defense system not to speak – possibly. But, as I said, the fall Snowden seems to be too small for that. Kremlin spokesman Peskov commented the taught as "nonsense". He could have it right.

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