Power struggle in france is approaching

The protests against the working law drove to gasoline and electricity shortages and now the blockade of the Fubball European Championship threatens

The conflict for the controversial labor market reform in France is going on. About one third of the petrol stations have no more fuel because six of the eight refineries are counteracted and blocked. Since 16 the 19 nuclear power plants are also counteracted, electricity production decreased significantly. Up to 70% of the companies indicate that the workstore will soon be able to shut up if the strikes and blockages of the refineries continue. Prime Minister Manuel Valls has challenged changes to the labor market reform, but nothing wants to change the core of the reform. He also experienced one "Aubert hard answer" and thus another escalation. The unions Responds with the inclusion of the Fubball EM in the strikes and protests.

Maybe you should send forward before looking at the situation in France, which, depending on the survey, 60% to 70% of the French from the government demand the jerkiness of the working law. This has not changed practically, although the strikes and blockages of refineries have meanwhile guided into massive closures in the supply of fuels and too many inconvenience for the population.

Demonstration on Thursday. Screenshot of the CGT-YouTube video

It is especially remembered that the government was not even a majority in Parliament for her reform. Because the number of its socialist deputies has increased so that against the "Loi Travail" (Labor Law), the acceptance in Parliament became impossible. Therefore, the head of government reached for emergency brake. Valls broke the legislative procedure and his government reached Article 49/3 of the emergence to the "El-Khomri law", Named for the Minister of Labor Myriam El Khomri, to print past parliament." This paragraph is allocated to a law without the consent of the chosen representatives as a decree. Also burial media spoke of the "play with the fire" and one "Wooden hammer". The government Valls has already applied the 49/3 for the fourth time.

It was this law of the Minister of Labor, which "Coarse social reform" the socialist government should be. But in the population, the above all applies to displeasure. After first protests of trade unions in Marz, the French emotions emerged arose "Nuit Debout". Neither the unions nor the movement take off the government that it is just about working right "simplify" and around the "social dialogue" to promote.

The fact that the reform was also decreed also has encouraged gas into the fire. In any case, she carries the clear handwriting of the Neoliberal Economic Minister Emmanuel Macron. The law is also based on the "Extremely aggressive labor market reform" The ultraconservative neighbor in Spain. And even when the procedure is not different, because too she was printed by decree. And at the neighbor, the French can also easily check, which is actually planned. Therefore, the movements against such reforms in both countries are also solidarity.

Now more flexible regulations should be enforced in France on working hours. The entrepreneurs should be clearly countered in the ie of temporary tolerated. The core of the project is to move many decisions into companies. And in practice, practically the legally prescribed 35-hour week is killed. Officially held thereto, it is hoped that the individual workforce has less resistance to operations. And there the working hours can then "flexible" be extended up to 48 hours a week, the reform came through as planned. The working day can then comprise 12 hours every day. Of course, as well as known from Spain, the conservation protection and other regulations are further clearly softened, and severance payments are to be capped, as described here the planned measures have been described in detail: reform for employer: "Good for the workplaces"?.

Allegedly, these reforms should drove to create more jobs. Over simpler rates and lower severance payments, entrepreneurs should be afraid to set new employees. The Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem also speaks in the interview that the "Opposition clearance between those who are already in the labor market and those who have difficulty access" break down. She says the reform becomes for one "riverigen labor market" care for.

Consequences of labor market reform in Spain

But the Minister of Education could not only give an interview of a Spanish newspaper, but could also continue to develop what effects had similar reforms at neighbor. Here, this shows that the reform according to the model of the ultraconservatives will probably not improve access to the labor market in France in France for young people. Youth unemployment is still nearly 46% in Spain and overall unemployment is more than twice as high as 20.4% as in France.

Also in Spain has not occurred that cheaper severance payments and a practically created consumer protection had created permanent workplaces. Only about eight percent of the work organization will still be closed in Spain unlimited. The number of sub-managed in Spain according to the various labor market reforms, because before the socialists had already stated the ax since 2008 almost doubled on more than 1.5 million. This has just established the European Statistics Authority Eurostat

Already four million employees have part-time contracts. Of these, three million were still temporary. In addition, about a quarter of this temporary contract is limited to the highest a week. So you can actually call approximation when working market reforms are cheap and easy to certify. Their jobs are then replaced by precare worked. This is a process of alignment down.

And that’s exactly what unions in France have in mind if they have been running against the work market reform for days to storm. Behind the strikes and the blockades spring the biggest union CGT stands. Trade unionists with strikes and blockages of refineries and fuel deposits have been ensuring that about one third of the gas stations in the country either do not have a fuel or only offer individual varieties.

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