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Today is Establishment – a comment

Now SPD and Grune – hand in hand – but still tours to try a government coalition with the left. And as it is believed, the boundaries should immediately be shown to the "newcomer": Anyone who wants to register in the West should first explain how he holds it with the former GDR.

What this should have to do with the work of a state government is not apparent. This is about that the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has to be governed. The burgers burn others to worry among the nails. Now it's about the mistake of red-green coalition in the federal and land, and the consequences of the black-yellow coalition, along with the left.

I can understand that it is painful for the SPD, to have learned that the workforce is no longer behind her. Even more painful is to learn that another party has closed these cheeks. But this has to work up the SPD yourself and can not make the left the allegation to have taken the place you have ranked. In such a situation from a party to demand that she represents its ratio to the GDR, plate PR-propaganda. And it is just right not to face the grunes well to treat the left like writhard children. But obviously one has had his own past over regression and forgetting ministerial. I would like to evoke the memory.

As a basic member of the Greats I have experienced how we were called to the infostants: "Go to Dock!"The press has either secrete us or she has searched in the lives of members after alleged evidence. The catch protection observed us. The grunes were treated as well as the left today. Joschka Fischer was the steiner and Otto Schily of the RAF lawyer. Grununen should draw the violence to which it came from anti-AKW movement demonstrations.

The Realos, who like Joschka Fischer and Otto Schily, first and foremost their careers in mind, got away 89/90 "Pututschkig" of their left aeres, as he was planning in their way. That the grunes in their first faction, which I belonged to, had one in their ranks, was never more widely discussed. That Antje Vollmer supported his course, after his ignition, no one interested in anyone. A workup never took place. Instead, Antje Vollmer Bundestag Vice President.

That the grunges are now developing in previous convictions and first want to know the relationship of the left to the GDR clear, reminds fatal to their own start. At that time, however, one has kept against similar attacks. Today you no longer want to be remembered the former attacks. Thus, on party and faction anniversary former members of the Management Board and Group members are denied the right. The "Jubelperser" want to stay among themselves. And as stewed memories of times that one just like to leave behind.

But we are the ancient times, and we have not initiated the party for it, so that right-liberal they exhaust themselves and warm at the oven of prosperity. Our goal was and is a social and solidary community and society. A society of stability and responsibility that your social systems are not simply betrayed by more sophisticated and short-sighted economic actors who only focus on their personal profit. Anyone who sells to such Eganien and let them write the laws to design a usllibal society society does not have our support.

Against the background that the great people understood as a party of the movements and had to owe their elections to these movements, they should be aware that no movement elements a party that arbitrarily with a SPD "or" CDU in one Coalition can see. In any case, the "movements" are no longer the election of the grunes. Since you have the left with left overhighth.

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