New site hacked on human rights in china

State sovereignty before freedom of expression

Shortly after an official website on human rights from the Chinese society for human rights was put into the network in China, Broon Buster replaced by the Hacker Group Legions of the Underground the homepage by calling China to boycotting.

New site hacked on human rights in China

For a short time was to read there – Antionline has saved the chopped version – that Busters just do not want to believe the Scheibpropaganda on the site: "China’s people have no rights, let alone human rights. … They censors, murders, torture, beat and make everything we thought that it was laid back in the Middle Ages." The hacker asked to inform himself about Amnesty, and associate the charges against China with the accusation of the USA, Kevin Mitnik unlawfully imprisoned: "Fry Kevin." He made fun of the webmaster of the Chinese site: "Your security is a joke. We have rooted your box in record time. We just needed two minutes."

On the website, the link to the situation of human rights in China is not already active. Otherwise you will find official documents here in Chinese and English official documents, articles of newspapers, lyrics for case-law and proprusion of a symposium. For example, one finds an article in which is scheduled that a group of Chinese experts has achieved rough progress in human rights theory and practice. China became, Professor Li Yunlong said. play an important role in the worldwide demand for human rights, but he would warn that the preservation of government sovereignty is an important part of human rights.. Therefore, the Chinese resistors also block access to websites of human rights organizations and political dissidents abroad, even though China had signed a worldwide agreement to protect the freedom of speech and assembly only a few weeks ago.

Almost simultaneously with the rebuilding of the website by the Hacker Buster, Chinese agencies have made the independent organization China Development Union dense on Monday of this week, which demands research and seminars on democracy and environmental protection. For a few days, human rights activists were also recorded, which wanted to support a colleague. And drawn from the trade this was published in August "Political China: Facing The Era of Choosing A New Structure". The book assembles attractions on democracy and political change. That went too far because of howist and apparently asks the sovereignty. One of the publishers, Shi Binghau from the Zeitung The China Economic Times, was arrested in September and still sits in detention – probably not because of the book, but because of his contacts with the earlier driver of the Communist Party, Zhao Ziyang, the Umbigens in Bejing under house arrest because he handled in 1989 to gently with the protesting students.

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