Hitler’s fight also for germans on the internet

But it does not just have to be the internet …

What a comeback! As soon as Dieter has disappeared in the German forest, diving in our Blatterwald the bodily on: Adolf Hitler. Not as a person, but at least as an author with his book "My fight". You can not find that, Findige employees of the Simon Wiesenthal Center have now found out, over the Internet in the USA, because it may be legally sold there. And because the Internet is not aimed for national laws and is criticized to regret all dictators of this world, German burgers can also be linked "My fight" order via the net directly in the USA, although the squares Nazi bars are banned by us known to us.

The emport of it is roughly. The company Bertelsmann, Am "Hitler-suspicious" US online handler BarnesandNoble.Com involved, the matter is terrible embarrassing. Federal Minister of Justice Herta Daaxler-Gmelin Dearly explained, her Ministry of Wool Procedure Politically against the sale of Nazi reading on the Internet. But as she wants to do that, she did not reveal so far.

But it does not always have to be Bertelsmann. Also in the bookstore around the corner one can "My fight" order. Provided the handler offers his books on the Internet and is also connected to the book distribution libri. For example, we have waved to a Hanover company, controlled by Libri Internet Store, in the search mask "Hitler" and "My fight" entered and Voilà: Already it was offered us as US import.

Also at the American Bertelsmann competition Amazon.Com is traded on Hitler’s book. In a reorganization of Ralph Manheim, who has already brought to Brecht, Handke and Grass in English. The readers who can rate the Bucher on the Amazon web pages have given the Nazi flashing four of FUF potential stars. Although – also the betrayal side – customers who "My fight" Bought, like to be Karl Marx ‘ "Communist manifesto" be ordered.

Who is the Hitler book much too long with over 700 pages, the German online antiquarian Karel Marel finds two real alternatives: "Hitler words. Chutch from ‘my fight’ and from the speeches of the driver. Breslau, Hirt, (1934). 31 s. OLWBD. (Bright Cover Dusty) KL.8VO. (13217) 35.00." And: "HITLER YOUTH.- We do not go to us… Songs of Hitler Youth. Hrsg. From the upper area West the HJ. (Eat?), Hen 1933. 143 S. Obrosch. 16VO. 50.00 EA. Songs without sheet music. Norm. Reading tracks as well as some, donkey ears at the end of the brochure."

Or how was it possible with a very real stroll over the next larger flea market, where prohibited naziliter nature is offered regularly. It does not always have to be the internet …

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