Erdogan continues war against the opposition party hdp

Erdogan continues war against the opposition party HDP

In recent days, nearly 200 apartments were searched in the mostly lived inhabited by Kurds and in Istanbul by Special Insurance Commands and the police, searched and resourceed

The situation of opposition in Turkey becomes more and more critical. HDP members and deputies are arrested. The former chairman SelaHattin Demirtas must be detained despite a different judgment of the European Human Rights Court EGR. The Turkish prasident had explained, for him the verdict has no binding effect.

Now the European Parliament also deals with the case Demirtas and the situation of political prisoners in Turkey. Reports about decommunications, torture and conventions in police stations and cogs are heaps, it is also reported on secret pristises.

In the last days there were again numerous arrests of members of the HDP again. In the West Turkish province of Izmir, the police stormed the participation of the police of the police, Polis Ozel Harekat (POH), apartments of board members and supported eleven persons. Among the arrested is the well-known peace nut Medine Kaymaz, reported the Kurdish news agency. It was allowed to be known that, like ubrow, membership in a forbidden organization and terrorist propaganda is charged.

Since the 10. December were nearly 200 apartments in the mostly inhabited by Kurds inhabited Diyarbakir, Van, Sırnak, Urfa, Batman, Mardin, Mersin, Adana and the Metropolis Istanbul of Special Insurance Commands and the Police Turned, searched and resourceed. Bucher, magazines and computers were confiscated. about 100 people, including adoption politicians, numerous journalists, were taken in police custody. The inner administration confirmed 90 arrests.

The searches were founded with a "Anonymous advertisement", What is a person of political and journalistic activities "Great Fuhle" In an explanation of the inner administration, it bothered that the "Operation against activities of the terrorist organization PKK / KCK" straightening.

Under the arrested is also the journalist Abdurrahman Gok, who became known because he photographed the murder of the art student Kemal Kurkut at Newroz-Fest in Diyarbakir 2017 through a police officer. The governing party AKP had claimed then Kemal Kurkut was one "Suicide" been. The policeman who shot Kurkut is still open to this day.

HDP should be peaked in front of the local elections

In Marz 2019, local elections should take place in Turkey. Erdogan trying to prefer this on November failed at the party feet of the fascist MHP, Devet Bahceli. Early in the Kurdish provinces feared Erdogan for the majority of his party AKP. To prevent a defeat, he experienced further measures against the opposition:

If these terror-infected people from the ballot should emerge again, we will use the necessary doing and trust without zogers.


The municipal budgets have been subordinated since August to the state, from 104 local administrations in the Kurdish areas have already been made 97 municipalities under State Forced Administration. More than 2.000 members of the HDP are now in Turkish cogs. With these actions Erdogan liked the HDP so weak that the HDP / DBP does not have enough mandate carriers for the local elections. In Van, the police confiscated the computer in the search of the HDP headquarters on which the application documents of the HDP applicants for local election were.

Secret torture prays in Turkey

The Turkish secret service operates according to a research from the ZDF magazine Frontal 21 and Correctiv secret fishing, in which to be tortured. Two alleged apples, to which after their freezing, the escape abroad reported, they were recorded for weeks in secret cogs, horrified and tortured. They were removed according to their statements on open strain.

"With a sack over the head, they have been brought to an unknown place, where they have been beaten, threatened and tempered over weeks, to make statements about supposed other GLEN-PAGE", reports the mirror.

Wenzel Michalski, Chairman of the Human Rights Organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) ames that these losses and tortures are systematically passing. Tied, with a sack over the head and only in underwear they had to stand for hours, reports one of the torture victims. "After some time you stop this anymore, you are thirsty, mude. If you can not anymore, you fall to the ground and then there was fume shade and kicks." After weeks of worship and torture, the two victims were allegedly ready, as so-called "Secret witnesses" to testify against other supposed Gluenhenhange, whereupon they were released.

The Frontal 21 reports cover themselves with documented reports of HRW. But affected are not only supposed Gluen-Pendant, but all persons declared by the Turkish regime as a terrorist. That "Disappear" In secret fishing is nothing new in Turkey. Already in the 1980s and 1990s, there were massively reports on these practices.

The Western governments, as well as the Federal Government, were silent about the human rights violations at the time of their NATO partner at that time today. The Federal Government is already a long time the evidence of secret tortureholds. In an internal paper of the ancestral office to the situation in Turkey of February 2017 stands according to Correctiv, "that human rights activists expired due to the type of injury suffered by victims that the abuses no longer only took place in regular police stations".

According to the research of nine international media, including the ZDF Magazine Frontal 21, it was revealed by the Turkish secret service with a developed expulsion program, after which alleged Gluenhen-Armevel around the world should be burst and exposes. Abductions, or tried abductions by which it should have given it in Kosovo, Mongolia, the Republic of Moldova and Malaysia

Correctiv reported by a remuneration case of six Turkish teachers in Kosovo, who was also reported in other media. These were flown with a private jet with an identifier that lets it, that it flew a plane of the secret service fleet of the with, into Turkey. Owner and operator is a Turkish construction and tourism company called Birlesik İnsaat Turizm Ticaret Ve Sanayi with headquarters of Yenimahalle, a district of Ankara, where the state residential buildings of the staff of the. The landing of the one is next door.

The same plane (with another identifier) also appeared twice in Germany: the Erdogan visit to the 27. September 2018 at Berlin Airport Tegel and the 18th. February 2017 to the International Security Conference in Munchen.

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