Boko-haram double stop with more than one hundred dead

Federal Government adopts new Africa concept

The Salafist anti-educational sect Boko Haram apparently does not impress that after the deployment of 276 schoolmadchen (of which 53 were able to escape) and a summit in Paris American, British, French, Cameroonian, Nigerian, Chadish and Benin intelligence services and militars participate in the fight against the Salafist terrorist group: With two briefly consecutive explosives in the Central Nigerian City of Jos, she drew at least 118 people yesterday, including numerous women. Because many trummer are not rushed away, fear the resistance that the number of dead rises in the course of the next few days.

The double adoption on the busy market in the center of the city was carried out according to a pattern, after which the terror group is now standard mabig: First, a car bomb numerous people – and shortly thereafter a second explosive rate and helper. In the current case, the first bomb was deposited in a truck and the second deposited in a minibus. Between the two explosions passed about 20 minutes.

Boko-Haram double stop with more than one hundred dead

Jos. Map: Telepolis

Jos is the capital of the Plateau State, where more than forty folk groups live. Because the semi-million town is relatively close to the Hausa settlement area, there are many relatives of these coarse Muslim ethnic groups. Their language competes in the area with the English as a traffic language and their religion with Christianity, which most of the smaller native Volker attach. 2001, 2004 and 2008, there were serious riots between Christians and Muslims in Jos, where more than a thousand people have come to life.

Also in the days before Boko Haram had refurbished terrorist acts: On Sunday, at an autobombombustat in a Christian district in the North Nigerian city of Kano, at least five people came to life. In addition to three manneors and a twelve-year-old Madchen, the cause of the explosion itself was supposed to torn from the bomb.

In Waza, in the north of Cameruns, about 200 Boko-Haram terrorists attacked a construction site in the night from Friday to Saturday and expired ten Chinese engineers. A Cameroon soldier came to life at the livelihood, also numerous vehicles were stolen. Waza is only 15 kilometers from the Nigerian border.

The Boko-Haram terror also influenced a new Africa concept, which passes the German Federal Government today and the relations with the 55 states of Africa "put on a new basis" target. The guidelines see, among other things, that armed conflicts "if necessary" with soldiers" "to avoid" will. Currently, German militar is in use in seven African areas: in front of the Kuste Somalia, where merchant ships are made of pirates, in the neighboring Djibouti, in Mali, where Tuareg-separatists and Salafists threatened to stream the government in the Sudsudan, where the Volksgroupen Dinka and Nuer got, in the West Studanese Darfur, in the failed state of Congo, and in the West Sahara, where Arabs arab arabs.

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