Americans do not want to reduce government spending

Contrary to the performances of the Republicans, Americans want to spend more after the current survey

According to the Republicans, the state has to shrink, which also brings, he has to lower his ies. However, the militar and other safety concerns, the American rights are not so sure, justucing the property is to be protected and secured worldwide economic interests. The austerity planner did not convince the Americans, which is why they were punished with the elections. A recent survey of the PEW Research Center proves that the amongwhile majority wants anything else to short than state ie.

But that could also make US Prasident Obama, because the must be spaded 2. Marz for household renovation Automatic shooters (Sequester Cuts) Almost all ies implement. Although 85 billion in this financial year is actually provided, the Congressional Budget Office from savings in the amount of 44 billion. The rest will be postponed for later years.

Meeting, above all, the defense expenditure, but also traffic and educational programs as well as Medicare. Although there is a decision of the Senate today, through a higher taxation of the rich, the automatic fireworks are unnecessary, but the legislation of Democrats could hardly reach the need for the necessary majority and fail the resistance of the Republicans.

The representative survey on government spending was carried out in mid-February at 1504 adults in the USA by phone – for half the landline, for half the mobile -. Was asked if the spending increases, shortened or as they are to be maintained. Most people are conservative in the sense that they were most liked. However, there are interesting deviations.

The only budget item, which more than 40 percent of the surveyed were short, is the development assistance. 48 percent are a shortness, 21 percent for an increase. A high percentage of 34 or. 32 percent also speaks for a shortness of the budget of the Foreign Office and expenditures for the unemployed.

Americans do not want to reduce government spending

The best abroad and the unemployed country are the most on the bag, which primarily – that was probably in most countries – think of themselves. The expenses for the best inland were still reduced 24, but already increased 27 percent. It is remarkable here that the willingness to help since 2009 has increased dramatically since 2009 in all the above mentioned items. In this respect, the economic crisis or the argumentation of the Republicans has left traces. Even with the militar expenditure or expenditure for the health system, more people tend to short.

Only at 3 of the 19 interviewed budget posts say more Americans that they want to brief here, but there is no majority in development aid. Otherwise, the majority of the opinion that expenses should be maintained or increased. Of course, the appendant of the Republicans are always much strong Dafur, budget posts short. Due to the development aid, 70 percent of the unemployment in the unemployment is 56 percent, in the help of the need for best 49 percent.

Keep the conservatives, as is once again confirmed, little of solidarity, social compensation and help for those who get into trouble. Also of scientific research they do not consider much, just as much about environmental protection or food and drug controls. The defense, the fight against crime, the benefits for the veterans are particularly important, but more also want to increase expenditure for Medicare and Social Security.

Education is most important to the Americans. 60 percent of all respondents want more ies for these. For the veterans, 53 percent want to spend more money. Also for the social security and the crime fighting, 41 percent of more states were stuck. Also into the health system, in Medicare, in the infrastructure, in science and energy, according to the will of one third more than before should be invested. Could the answers but otherwise failed when asked for the wishlist goods, where the money should come from for expenditure above or the further-so.

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