Who is mahmud abbas?

A profile of the early first Palastic Ministerial President, with which a new stage of palastic politics begins

The Palastian Parliament voted on Monday in Ramallah’s creation of a ministerial prestigent office. With 64 to 3 MEPs at four abstentions, a historical decision was fetched and at the same time provided Israeli and international demands. Jassir Arafat, the chosen Prasident Palastina, offered Mahmud Abbas (Abu Masen) the new post. However, this office has not yet accepted the Office and first wants to wait to determine his competences by Parliament. being "Yes word "is considered secured.

With Mahmud Abbas as a premier, the palatinians are a new stage of their story. The power range of Jassir Arafat, who has been at the top of Palastian politics for 34 years, was sacrificed. It is already decided that the Minister President of comprehensive authorizations to restructure the administration, finance and security. Abbas also liked to say that in the art negotiations with Israel and the composition of the Palastinian Cabinet.

The will for peaceful occupancy of the conflict with Israel is not abbreviated. He flavors the confidence of the Jerusalem government. When the office residence of Arafat was shot together in April last year of tanks, the nearby residence Abbas’ was spared from the soldiers. In contrast to the rest of the city, the residents already had a quiet and report on how their familiar neighbor had been picked up every morning from an Israeli jeep.

Abbas had long been representing the so-called two-state solution of the Middle East Confill, so the recognition of Israel and his resources until 1967 for a long time before the official change. He was involved in the preparation of peace agreements with Israel. And he is one of those who publicly call up the resignation of the weapons. The palatinean uprising against the crew, the intifada, should be guided with peaceful means. Stones, Boykotte and demonstrations as resistance forms against the fourth-strongest Army of the Earth are intended to emphasize the military misunderstanding between the two conflict parties. In view of the current Israeli liquidation policy, however, this opinion and previous achievements in the occupied territories are not popular.

Can enforce Abbas?

But Mahmoud Abbas is General Secretar of the PLO, the merger of all Palastic organizations auber der Islamist Hamas, and so the second man behind Arafat. He is like his chairman member of the strongest Palastic Party, the Fatah, whose jerking. This can guarantee the implementation of institutional reforms, over the difficult security ie. Hamas is the least-strongest movement in the occupied territories and is not reproduced in the political institutions. All factions, also the basis of Abbas’ own party, but for a long time demanded the joint discussion about the skills of the Palastians. So standing to ask how iron can be the fist who wants to go down the Abbas on the militias. Neither can himself be a role as Afghanistan Karzai, which must be protected by the US Army. Still a burger war can be the solution as in Algeria, where the Islamist groups and with them the majority opinion are brutally underprinted.

In terms of negotiations with Israel, Abbas radiates little confidence within Palastinas. "The Zionists slaughtered us, and her sits with them at the negotiating table, "says the accusation during the Israeli militar attacks on the Gaza Strip with many civilian dead. Israel himself runs after every palatinian attack from joint talks. The compromise readiness Abu Masens is considered high, of Israel and the palace names, but is different from both. This could develop, at least for the international printout, to the shot in the oven. Abbas Genived in Palastina far less political reputation than Jassir Arafat. Only one could sign painful concessions for Palestinians, talking more resources.

Sharon benefits from Abbas

Israel’s Premier Ariel Sharon supports Abbas. Well, however, in Israel and Palastina no one believes in real peace intentions Sharons and his new-right government. But it is probably that Sharon benefits in the end as the only one of Abbas. Either his palastic counterparts signed the agreement formulated to Israeli Gusto and thus lost a palastic burger of burger and increased a negotiation against Israelis. Or Abbas does not sign because of Sharon as a peace-minded market. The political insulation Arafats serves as a template. Nevertheless, when he accepts the item, ABAS becomes a premier legitimized by Parliament with all powers. Whether that is democratic, in the face of the pastary elections outstanding since the five years has remained questionable. In any case, the international community of international community is once in the point and will comment on Abbas soon. Your demands are then tolerated.

But one-sided prere on the Palastians will not be reflected in a fair peace in Middle East. The population in the occupied territories rightly refers to the double morale of the International States Community: Militarian UN Resolutions in Iraq, while the condemnation of systematic human rights violations by Israel remains nothing further than heir air. Sharon must be forced to peace. The Palastians have been demanding the stationing of international observers in the occupied territories for years. Thus, the Israeli view of things (see Betraying Journalism) should be used, the foreign correspondents, which barely carried into the busy areas, is carried forward.

According to the Palastinian daily Al-Ayyam from Tuesday Sweden sends 50 observers. Israel has already announced not to enter them. But that’s a start after all.

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