Us government accepts torture ban

After the congress with coarse majority approved the torture ban, the house is no longer threatened with a Veto in the woman and seems to be the inevitable; However, the torture ban could not be worth much if that "Graham Amendment" Is accepted

US vice-Prassident Cheney had to prefabricate the prasident himself, who has always been wearing the torture for some time that the torture is not practiced by US belongings, even if this was not so difficult with the narrow torture term. Cheney should try to pierced and tortured by the Republican Senator John McCain, who had been in captivity in the Vietnam’s war, proposed torture ban at least for CIA-belongings. Apparently, however, the sometimes violent discussion of recent times in the US-friendly countries over the CIA activities and the prere outstanding from the US Congress, Prasident Bush accepted the torture ban now.

However, the regulation is not law with the agreement. And the torture ban could again be partially occupied by an additional addition adopted by the Senate, which cement the legal nobody country in Guantanamo and US religious "enemy camphor" Mistrade, protect was (legalization of Guantanamo).

With the overwhelming majority, the torture ban had been adopted some time ago in the American Senate. McCain from which the initiative comes from, in addition to the moral rearance, above all, it also went to free the USA again a stucco from the negative image in which it has been spated since the Abu Ghraib scandal. Although the Pentagon had already adopted a new Code for Militaranhorigen, after which the torture is prohibited. But here many loophole remained open.

However, the Senator wanted to see the ban clearly and unmisturly formulated for all agents of the US government and fed a corresponding addition to the Department of Defense Appropriations ACT 2006. After this, it is forbidden to treat people who are in American detention in the US and abroad, to treat inhumane, degrading or cruel. And the rules carried out in the Army Field Manual are based on all auspices to avoid ambigeability in the future. The most important PAS:

No Individual In The Custody Or United The Physical Control of the United States Government, Regardless of Nationality Or Physical Location, Shalle Be Subject to Cruel, Inhuman, OR Degrading Treatment Or Punishment.

After the senators amed the addition with a rough majority, the Bush government threatened with a Veto of the Budget Act of the Pentagon and sent Cheney to encourage an exception at least for intelligence attendants (US government wants an exception of the threatening torture for the CIA).

McCain but remained steadfast. Then the discussion came across transport of traversed, CIA fishing and torture, which further undermined the reputation and credience of the United States undermined US Foreign Minister on their European trip to make some more verbal constituents (for EU ministers everything is alright now). Apparently, the deputies of the Reprused Antenna House, although here as well as in the Senate the Republicans have the majority, have considered that an aggressive policy, which in contrast to the "bose" Terrorists for freedom, law and democracy wants to enter, not with the same means can proceed as the terrorists and tyrants.

However, the Bush Government seemed to continue to continue the path that has been taken out once that in war against terrorism human rights and international agreements no longer need to be adhered to. The appeal policy of the sowing house, the coverage of the Pentagon for mistreatment in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and elsewhere and above all the attempt to explicitly exclude the CIA from the torture ban testify. But the House of Representatives did not play anymore and supported the torture ban with a majority of 308 against 122 votes.

Although the addition to the Budget Act has not been binding, the domestic blockade now seems to have led to rethinking in the sowing house – or one has already developed a strategy with the Republican deputies to create a strategy despite the McCain additional loophole. However, only 107 Republican deputies had voted on it and 121 against it. Even a day later, Bush met with the Senators McCain and John Warner. After the conversation, Bush contacted the public and merged that he was very pleased to have achieved a convention over the torture ban. Together, you want to defend the USA, but also make sure the USA "The American values in the fight against the terrorists and the victory over them" beware. You have made it clear that "this government does not torture and that we obey the international torture agreement in Germany and abroad". And of course, it was done as if the US government has always seen this and practiced this, and as a commodity the agreement by one "close cooperation" come about. John McCain also celebrated its success and contained every critical remark:

And I Would Like To So Repeat, We’ve Sent a Message To The World That The United States Is Not Like The Terrorists. WE HAVE No Grief for Them, But What We Are a Nation That Upholds Values and Standards of Behavior and Treatment of All People, No Matter How Evil Or Bad They Are. And I Think That This Will Help US Enormously In Winning The War For The Hearts And Minds Of People Throughout The World In The War On Terror.

John McCain

But the question will be whether this spade recognition will actually lead to the hoped-forverted transfers of people around the world without any work-up of the past, so that the credging of the Bush government and their war were rescued against the terror. But it was possible, however, it was still fast enough to reare at least the composite governments and thus accomplish that the enrollment prere remains low, at least no new scandal is coming up.

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