“The mischief that i stopped, i then put the others too heavy load”

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Real Game of Thrones

Because the Real Game of Thrones is not only a game but also bloody serious, is the farce that has happened since Danald’s throne pollution in the exceptionalistic tables, not really to laugh. Even though humor may perhaps the last refuge that can save one before the darkness that covers the empire. But what is not alone on this crumpled Konig with the Eichhornchenburst, but also the losers of the election campaign that can not be accepted with this defeat.

The fact that Donald won against all the predictions of the coffee rates against the guild of the herids and speakers and against Hillary’s twice as heavy warranting the victory, the inferior camp had hit so deeply that a democratic rules of the game could not exbroil the same level of incorporation of this defeat. Because Hillary had boomed the old Bernie out of the race, who had took the masses, and Donald had defeated, she wore the actual principal debt.

And how that is, if you can not admit a failure in front of yourself – "I did this", Says my mind. I can not have done that – says my pride and remains relentless. Finally – gives the memory after", Had once described the psychologist Nietzsche of this Procedere -, you are looking for blame with others. So Konig Wladimir came as Watschmann and "Ultraboser" In game: He is said to stole Hillary’s post, made up to her scam and so his "Puppet" Donald have brought to the throne. This unveiled and only claimed "interference" in the holy ritual of the exceptionalistic democracy, the elections, then became as "martial act" designated with which ultrabose attacked the consumer and now destroys Donald by means of his agent.

That the inferior Hillary camp was not immediately laughed at this hair-going consumer theory, it owed only its close connection with the "Mainstream" mentioned speakers, which are this scary history as "news" spread and thus on the current band produced what recently in the consumer "Fake news" was called.

Since Konig Donald was already harvested to tell that today and tomorrow to tell that and not to take it as closely with precision and truth, he was also in preconditions, on the current band "Fake news" to produce. What had succeeded in the absurd situation that only screaming antagonists appeared on the public bean, which accused each other’s lug, the false, the fraud.

You wrote the 21. Century and came before like at Richard III. And Grobmeister Shakespeare: "I do the Bose and scream first. The mischief that I stopped, I then put the others too heavy load." Or as in the puppet theater with a fraudulent witch ("Crooked Hillary") a wrong clown ("Lying Donald") And an awful crocodile ("Tarantula Putin"To). As well as the choir of the herids and loudspeakers which the whole saga is breathlessly colored and commented, and always flushed out of the Souffleurskosten from the masters of the intelligence new keywords.

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