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The police and their weapons systems

Skandalchen in Baden-Wurttemberg: The new pistols of Heckler Koch does not push as exactly as you should. Interesting are mainly the accompanying items.

Oberndorf am Neckar is a small town with a coarse tradition. For several centuries you have already been manufacturing sliding tool, and since 1949 the company Heckler works there Cook, which is almost paradigmatic for the German weapon forge and the German arms trade in all world – even if the company is in the meantime to the British rating company BAE Systems.

Tailler Koch has been building weapons not only for police and militar in Germany, also elsewhere in the world is trusted on the Wurttemberg brand manufacturer, such as the film known at the time "Budging from Oberndorf" Documented knew.

From the 500.000 people who die in small arms die, many a little qualitative, because with products from Heckler Koch was created on her. Even the RAF did not trust at least in her logo on the socialist competition model, the Kalashnikov AK 47, but on a product from Heckler Koch (MP 5)

A whopping market penetration, one should mean. Currently there is stunk. From the 20.000 new pistols of the model P 2000 V5, which were delivered to the Baden-Wurttemberg police, does not constantly shift a considerable proportion so well. This comes to the public, and a deputy head of the police operations of the police in Mannheim of the police may be particularly explained that pistols that walk the police do not have to enjoy the tunnel, putting the sports plans to their creaking – it does not matter if A shot once a few inches under the finish lying.

To do this, the man is dramatically imaged with pistol in the attack, grimly received his destination. Maybe there will be similar newspaper reports in Niedersachsen and in North Rhine-Westphalia, because Heckler has to Lower Saxony Koch again 15.Delivered 000 pistols of the same type, according to North Rhine-Westphalia an unnamed number. So far is the all economic routine between the arms suppliers and the police in this country – interesting are more of two other things. First, the P 2000 is not alone on the crap of Heckler Koch grown, so much you also emanate on the homepage the years of development in the company’s own engineers.

Because the union of the police informed that the University of Applied Sciences of the police in Villingen-Schwenningen has made decisive preparatory work, in the development of police weapons a novelty. The research work of the University of Applied Sciences are even recorded on a CD-ROM, which can be acquired at the price of 10 euros at the paying agent of the university. So it has to do with an interesting form of business demand: the police makes their own development work, overlook the results of the economy and then buys the finished product in tens of thousands of copies of the relevant company. In fact, an impressive example of the free market economy, which actually wants to rely on state-proof competition of the best.

As interesting as the genesis history of the pistol is the language in which they are now negotiating. Accordingly, the deputy head of operational training in Mannheim is paid by one "Weapon system", this despite lightweigh defect all requirements involve "Combat weapons" is the speech, from "Tactical smuck" – Quite as if the member of an army speak here. At the almost symbiotically close cooperation with Heckler Cook is only logically. If you look at the Jargon, with which the deep military-colored product portfolio of the company is advertised (S. for example "Main struggle" of the G36 rifle or the grenade machine gun), then you know where the language of the Mannheim policeman comes from, which is mutually reprinted in the press.

His pistol is just a weapon system used after tactical aspects. From time to time, not against criminals, but against opposition or otherwise unpleasant, as the well-documented trap of drawn service weapons in demonstrations prove, the death of Halim Derer, N’deye Mareame Sarr and other occasions in which the rule of law lost the Fang. A more sensitive document for the trend observable for years to (re) militarization of the police as this spark of "Weapon system" You have to look for anyway.

If it was good, the Baden-Wurttemberg weapon climb was able to raise questions. For example, every conceivable human society needs a police? If so, you have to be armed? If yes how? At least one could take the peculiar interbulum of a war-weapon manufacturer with the German police under the magnifying glass. But it will not run well. It will run well with a federal republican, and the only questions that will come to the table in this context, if at all, are those of product liability and qualitaire. So that the police weapons systems in the future are exactly the goal again. And not a few centimeters wrong.

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