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Soil, inflate and into the mull with you: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

What should the child consume now? Unscrupulous mass mammal or educational pulp? On the one hand, young television consumers can be allowed in the morning with UBLEM cozy crushing crap, and on the other hand, on the same time, hysterical attempts can be kept parental with hysterical attempts, the brood of possibly all, which is supposedly polluting away. This often leads to the demand that positive figures in children’s stories have an ideal lifestyle and if it should be possible to use citizens. The talkerous pleasure remains on the track.

To-resistant belliger

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Such Kaseglieckenadogik wants to keep children away from the fundamental Hollywood. The Americans often turn far more spirit in the children’s film than in their residual goods. The babe films were pretty not as cute as their main character looked, but intelligent type domodies, the characters in "Toy story" were more complex than six episodes Star Wars, and "Monsters Inc." Was the clear better "matrix". And then there is still Tim Burton, who is his productions like "Nightmare Before Christmas" or "Edward with the scissor hands" like to settle in near the child’s panic border. Also with his adult films, like "Sleepy Hollow", is not so easy to identify when the children’s march is stopped and the adult horror starts.

In addition to the horror icons Vincent Price and Christopher Lee, belong to Burton’s heroes also Roald Dahl, a writer, who most likely laugh at the children’s children over the greatness of life. The 1990 Dahl Dahl has loved his children’s stories with viechers, minus and bosewichters and just as pleasurably in the end of his very volatile justice. And Burton does it right now in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", a simple children’s history transformed with immense effort into a kind of psychedelic chocolate folk festival.

Re-resistant belliger

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The plot remains undesired Dunn: Charlie, a nice boy from poor conditions, wins a visit to the factory of Willy Wonka with his grandfather. The eccentric manufacturer is looking for a heir and, in addition to Charlie, also enjoys four peculiar competitors in the factory. After visiting the brandy production room and various unpleasons, however, only Charlie remains. Johnny Depp, so far too little praised for his comodiantentity, gives the Willy Wonka so embarrassing and got it just goes. The Irish David Kelly, known from "Long live Ned Devine" is the grandpa, and Deep Roy plays all Umpa Lumpas, that dwarfly, that the chocolate factory gets started.

It testifies to Burton’s stylish that he did not simply multiply Deep Roy computer. The actor had to play every single figure, after which the performances were called together to expensively dance scenes, such as a synchronous swimming in kind of Esther Williams. And otherwise, Burton does not overlook the computer technique overall, but sometimes accesses on incoming methods, for example on puppetry, building or just on real Eichhornchen. The result is a gigantic greater dream with edible grass, giant slivers and a chocolate waterfall. And as with Dahl much is close to the children’s album, the movie quite the humor and the drunkenness of the author.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Attention, it is Walt Disney’s fault that the Americans are stingy, children’s stories had to be enriched with proper kitsch. Even Tim Burton seems to sue this misconception. Already at the horror for adults he has sometimes flirted with the Schmalz, just with his Dahl adaptation he makes it serious, though only on the edge and in a given form. But a Schlenz to Willy Wonka’s worse childhood (with Christopher Lee as a father) and a Hohelied on the family life, he probably could not resist. The task of showing the Charlie as a prototypical cute boy, unfortunately, he manages well. Too bad enough children – like Mogli, Wickie or the Horror Duo Tommi and Annika – are not really entertaining.

This terribly nice and normal Charlie, however, is surrounded by a quartet for the gland: there is the rewarded bonus daughter, the asocial fat bag, the fearsome smartshaw knirps, as well as a trimmed martial arts gore. These four are sucked away at Burton as at Dahl, inflated, shrunk to Blueberry, shrunk and thrown into the long stretched or just thrown into the mull. Little crowded, but fairly enjoyable. Who warns that you can not handle disgusting children, the MOGE can be sustained by the additional possibilities. Because Dahl also asks for the causes, for example after he has piled up the greedy little Veruca in the bubble:

Who Turned Her Into Search A Roast? Who Are the Culprits? WHO DID THAT?

Clear, the stupid parents are it. Namely the eternal mum, the ambitious monastery, the diaper soft educational teacher with the hair strands over the bald or just verucas dad, the heavy snob.

And that is Why We’re Glad They Fell Into the Rubbish Chute AS Well

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