On the way to the 20 percent party

The dilemma of the SPD is not primarily Kurt Beck, but the competition of a second Social Democratic Party

The negative headlines do not want to end for the SPD. As soon as the narrowest party lit is concerning that end-to-finals with the intra-party self-purification and one would now think about a common election campaign, promptly burns a new dispute just around the choice of electoral.

This time, the previously little perceived SPD General Secretar Hubertus salvation is in criticism. Parts of the SPD apparatus and the party leadership will intend to give him power advantages in the art campaign team. In doing so, the General Secretar of parts of its own party is equally deavoused by scattering specifically that salvation is not attracting a leading role in the election campaign. Of course, one can then ask the question why the party is a man, from whose abilities they are so little convinced, entrusts the not very unimportant post of General Secretar. The actually dependent dispute, however, once again made the dilemma clear, in which the SPD has been standing since the end of the Ara Schrodder.

Really content debates are avoided. Instead, powerful is gained at the level of personal intrigues and power detached. Since there seems to be no one in the SPD guidance, which causes an end to this self-stork drive, the more or less interested population can once again be added to the spectacle, as the party itself disassembles.

SPD conveys the 20 percent border

Then you do not have to wonder about the latest survey of the opinion research institute Forsa, which the SPD only sees at just under 20%. The distance to the Left Party, which is forecast to 15%, has considerably reduced itself.

Now such demosopic snapshots are not confused with the actual election results. In the foreseeable future, the Left Party will only be in the eastern federal stations in front of the SPD. Nevertheless, the rather symbolic survey result for many social democrats is a Menetel. That the Left Party, which one considered a pierced competition before not too long ago as a pale competition, which will have done itself in a few years, is now almost at eye with the SPD, shows the rapid change in the party system, of which the SPD is most affected. The party researcher Franz Walter, however, is likely that other parties also get the erosion process to traces.

5 years ago, the then PDS had not previously predicted a serious political view of the politician. At that time, the PDS had no group status at that time, the two directly elected deputies disabued only restricted cabinets. The work of the party was hardly perceived as medially. The PDS was considered an east party that slowly depends on the base. An reintegration in the Bundestag was more than questionable. The west expansion seemed to finally failed after several costly experiments.

Seriously misjudged

If you have these facts in mind, the change is clearly clear, which was initiated by Gerhard Schroder and his agenda-2010 policy. The consequences were massive temporary protests of those affected and the farewell of many social democrats of the old school from the SPD. The party lit, which disturbed the seriousness of the situation, was trusting that in the past had always given cleaved from the SPD, which were coarse parts short-lived and their protagonists finished again with the SPD again. Thus, a gross portion of the post-war lumbar leverage headers’ leverage staff was still a short time in small linksocial democratic groups of the Spades Weimar’s time, the existence of grouping Democratic Socialists, with the opponents of the rocket doubles decision at the beginning of the 80 years of the SPD wanted to teach the scary.

The party clarifications of the years 2004/2005 were probably so ended so if the bundling with the PDS had not been pursued under MaBgelbal instructions from Oskar Lafontaine. In fact, in relatively short time, a second Social Democratic Party developed, which has the advantage of the old SPD, despite many dislocations, especially in the Berlin state government still relatively believed. For the coarse mismugging of the SPD, Lafontaine is now the man’s not undisputed draft horse of the new Social Democracy, which many themselves cheerfully cheered and respected them. Only by understanding why the abrupt sudden departure of Lafontaine as Minister and Party Chairman in the SPD still so much anger, bitterness, sometimes even hate excluded.

The SPD was now in a situation with which she did not expect and with which she can not handle. You can distantly distance themselves from the Left Party, the Union and the FDP will have the opportunity to prove similarities. Precisely because today’s Left Party has more common with the SPD of the 1970s than with ancient SED, such similarities are not really surprising. But the SPD can not admit them just because they were with their younger story to question. But the more she distances from the left parties and thus their own history, the more they still go the last social democrats from board.

The SPD remains only the SPAGAT on the one hand, on the one hand, any cooperation with the Left Party at the federal level, but then as a sign of one’s self-confidence, but a separate candidate for the federal prose election, which also relies on the votes the representative of the Left Party. So that the political opponent can not make a new campaign about the infringement of the SPD, the party is already in prime obedience and is thus quite unbelievable. Then Beck promotes the SPD’s Future Congress for a new edition of the coalition with the FDP, supplemented around the grunes. But the FDP had been driven back to the closer carrier with the CDU with the establishment of a Prasidential candidate. Finally, Guido Westerwelle has long been credited his support of Kohler. What is perceived in the openness as a series of glitches in the SPD, is in reality of their new unchecked role in the 5-party system with a second Social Democratic Party.

Here and not in the lot of colors and with the arrogance of the capitalists opposite the provincial, ridicule on the political and personal indistent of Kurt Beck lies the Crux of the SPD. The fact that all the stone members or where, which are repeatedly called in the press as a substitute for Beck, remain in the second row, is simply because they also have no answer to the crisis of the SPD. Therefore, Beck is allowed to continue for the time being and even answered as Chancellor’s candidate the electoral defeat. But maybe Beck crossed this game and suggest one of his much mentioned competitors to chancellor candidates. He was clear that he does not want to take responsibility for the election defeat. Because who has always been set up as Chancellor’s candidate against Merkel, after the situation he had no chance.

That the greats have already understood very accurate. None of the two candidates of Realolager for the party presidency therefore commits imprudence to call himself as an appendine of red-grun. So Cem Ozdemir says he does not drive for Black Grun or Red Grun, but for Grun Grun. His possible competitor, the long-term Berlin Scenegenter Volker Ratzmann enters a clear prize for a covenant with the CDU.

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