Moral reflexes instead of reflexivitat

Moral reflexes instead of reflexivitat

What Cancel Culture, Identatats Policy and Corona Mails is mean

The trap of messes. For the translation of works of the black Poetin Amanda Gorman, it requires people with matching skin color or after all adaquatem cultural background – an international phenomenon.

A nine-year-old "Youth news" In the form of a (supposedly?) Racist tweets prevents the professional career of a priced journalist, their apologies.

A renowned actor is seriously asking himself whether he may play sad people as a non-disabled person, disabled, as slimmer fats, or, not affected by mourning; from the possibility of "Blackfacing" Not to mention (star hour philosophy: cf. from minute 21:45). This in the face of hurting the risk of hurting the truth or the true identity of the affected group of people and to put their own reputation on the game.

In common is this falling that here is the moral conditions of the actions of persons who are negotiated, the conditions under which conditions to be attributed to a self and other persons. Attention or disregard. It’s about situational judgments about persons.1

Moral judgments are danger because they are reflexive, without "mitigating circumstances" and be given in terms of undoubted values of the paint of finality. Moral is reflective in his judgments, also to highlight the validity of values in their undoubtedly. This especially in view of dangers. Anyone who relativizes the value of life in the Corona crisis, is the risk of discreditating itself, not the morality referred to this value.

With regard to the reflection saversion, which, unlike ethics, is typical of morality, becomes clear, why in-mentioned falls explains, resignation, arguments, even apologies hardly show effectiveness. It is clear that a translator about the category currently disregarded "old women manner" is to be attributed to a reference to the quality of its work hardness.

Once branded as a racist, it is hardly more effective to clarify young people, that too "Identity" A construct dependent on situations and persons is. Where are the teenagers who like to watch themselves from their parents on parties with the same age?

Social reflection

Among social reflexivitat, the possibility should be understood to observe observations, ie already distinguishes differences again. As a result, the contingency of observations or perspectives can be made visible. So it can be found that a phanomena can be seen in a certain way, but not necessarily.

The morally unbiased observation of conspiracy theorists, for example, allowed to distinguish Angela Merkel or Donald Trump only as a politician, but also as a lizard-like beings that are camouflage.

In fact, the social progress in the last tens of thousands is as an increase in social reflexivitat, as a recesses of moral, reflexivitat rejection. Essentially, this is due to the different form of communication, through which societies reproduced, or reproduce.

Tribal companies, as early social formations, were only the shape of the cursive mouthful communication. The simple repetition of mouthful communication in the form of such residential traditions, rites and need existed these societies continuity and stability.

Preserved traditional expectations reflexive or even critically to question whose contingency was therefore hardly possible. According to today’s terms, the reflection of traditions was probably punished with strict moral disregard. There was no communicative safety net that had caught the risks of deviations from the expected. A deviation from a preserved tradition would have been equivalent to the immediate resolution of this tradition.

The cursiveness and exclusive of aerial communication allowed hardly possible to explore any possibilities away from necessities. Tribal companies, in the radical contrast to modern society, could therefore be reproduced to a variety of tens of thousands of years only in almost unexplained form.2

First the invention of the "Communicative safety network" The written situation and later, above all, the development of letterpress printing allows a positive connotation of reflexivitat. This became very characteristic of society. In which modern society reproducing by written communication was now relatively uncovered to distinguish already differently without loss of complexity again. Without risk, as it had been in tribal companies, that traditions, already kept lost, it was questioned, was devoted by the tested expected expected.

The opposite became normal. Due to the book culture, the modern society accrues reflexive with complexity. Multi-perspective, the critical reference to topics that will generate alternative perspectives – preserves – relatively risk. Changing, progress, innovation, creativity could become positive-matched terms.

The reflective generation of quotas perspectives is even functionally secured in modern society. Any social facts, any event can be observed under different aspects, for example after mapping of politics, business, law, science, art, education, religion, mass media.

Also in the social self-description – for example "market" or "democratically" – expresses that modern society understands as a reflective. So marketed the observation of the contingency of services, qualities and prices. Democracies, in view of the contrast of government and opposition, the observation of the contingency of the exudation of power, or political programs.

In view of the fundamental importance of reflexivitat, which is the modern society, astonished that currently a social trend towards the reflection painful revival of moral tunnel gains plausibility. This shows in the beginning mentioned balancing identity policy and Cancel Culture.

But also with a view to current corona mails. These are to be reflexic to understand as morally dominated. Currently, it is hardly possible to question socially dominant epidemiological perspective (fundamental) for more than one year. Who critically turns out the contingency of current Corona policy, for example from the perspective of the educational system or the science system, ran quickly in danger of complying with moral disregard.

Which social changes of recent years have required this tendency?

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