Migrants discover the sea through the canal to the gobritain

Migrants discover the sea through the canal to the Gobritain

On the 27th. November Handle the French Kustenwache a migrant boat. Image: Prefet Maritime Some

In the Great Britain you are worried, with the small boats try to come above all Iranians to the island

In the course of the month, more migrants came back to Great Britain. The migrants had previously hidden in trucks to get through the Eurotunnel, so this route is after the construction of a wall and the room of the "Jungles of Calais", where sometimes 10.000 people lived and waited for an opportunity, largely vertebrated. Also in trucks to come in a driving, is very difficult. Between Calais and Dunkirchen were only a few hundred migrants in different places in tent camps, which are released again and again. In France, British police officers control who travels to the Great Britain. After the Brexit, with which the British wanted to avoid inner-European immigration, here is also the border between the EU and the Great Britain in French to the ground.

On the 18th. November was found the body of a curse of a bus at the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone. This shows how dangerous the attempt is to get the limit in this way. The same day also 6 escapeons were discovered on the beach of Folkestone, which could successfully cross the channel with a small motorboat.

Although this is very dangerous with such small boats, more increasingly try to take this route to get to the Great Britain. A few days earlier, three boats were picked up by the Kustenwache, where a total of 24 migrants were, usually manner, but also a baby and a woman. The day before, a fishing boat with 17 migrants was retracted in the port of Dover.

The Kustenwache controls controlled. Politicians like the deputy of Dover, Charlie ElPhicke, complain about the growing problem "these attempts to penetrate into coincidence". It will be gross from day to day that the escapeons in an open boat even brought a baby, show how desperately they are.

Also on Tuesday there were several leaders. French policemen had taken up nine migrants in a small fishing boat 8 km from Dunkirchen. Shortly thereafter, a ship of the British lake tread organization Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Rnli) saved 9 migrants from a boat, 13 km from the port of Dover.

Above all, Iranians

In the last three weeks, the 100 migrants dared the dangerous crossing to the Gobritain in small boats. This is still a small number, even if you do not know how many migrants are undetected to the British Kuste or drowned at the crossing. But in 2017, only 17 migrants had been rescued on the canal, so it is a rough increase. In November alone, IOM 6555 has arrived in Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and more and more in Spain – over 3500 -. Often these are greater ships on which partly hundreds of migrants try to get to Europe. In September 288 people should be drowned.

But because the anti-migration mood is high in the UK via the Brexit, the growing number of people who try to come into land with boats is seen as a threat as the border can not be secured. In France, it is believed that the number of those who are still trying to get in front of the final cleavage of Greath Britain will increase to the island. There is a concern that then the border is hardly more overcome, which is why some migrants are in goalkeeping spanic.

In addition, it is not that it is no longer Africans, but predominantly people from Iran, which have the dangerous crossing or have enough money to make this possible. Ames that Serbia could play a role. From August 2017 to October 2018, Serbia had permitted a visa-free entry to Iran, probably to buff better economic relations. There should be 40 in the time.I000 Iranians have come to the country, some of whom were not returned to Iran and could fit in to France with false fit and the help of lockers. In 2017, most migrants came from Iran to the Great Britain, unusual only, on which path this is more and more. That you elect the way over a boat, could just do with it to have more money.

The British Minister of the Interior Sajid Javid suggests that Great Britain could deduct a rescue ship from the Mediterranean to increase the increasing number of migrants "save", Trying to get over the canal. So far, only two of the fun fast ships on the British Kuste are used to save migrants or rather prevent them to come to the Great Britain. One is in readiness, two are used in the Mediterranean. There, the Brexit Great Britain was able to retreat because it has nothing more to do with it, even though Rough Britain was always there for military interventions.

A role also plays cooperation with France, because the "rescue" Flights are not necessarily reflected by France. Request a proof that you come from France. Allegedly, you should have to pay up to 4000 pounds for the crossing with a boat. Navigating with smartphones.

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