Location in fukushima getting more dramatic

The radiation in the sea was several million times over the limit before the official introduction

The Japanese television station NHK reports that the statutory highest value of radioactive iodine 131 in front of the nuclear power plant Fukushima 7,5million times over the limit. NHK relies on quantities of the operator TEPCO. Since the samples were already taken on Saturday, this very extreme contamination of the seawater can not do anything with the decision of Monday to lead radioactively contaminated water into the sea.

The once specified radiation, when Tepco spoke of water in the reactor, the one "ten million times increased radiation" (Location in the Fukushima Reactors Razors always gave up to control), could now be published as the correct MENG. Finally, the contaminated water damps from the reactor in the sea. The fact that the horror amounts of later have been dominated as alleged measurement errors could now be exhausted as an error or as a political decision to reare the population. The contamination of the sea is also no better that TEPCO has already led 3.4 million liters allegedly weakly radioactively contaminated water in the Pacific since Monday. As the news agency Kyodo reports, it should become a total of 11.5 million liters. Meanwhile, cesium values were discovered in fish that exceed the limit of 50 Becquerel.

The industrial minister Bani Kaineda explained to the false radioactive water, it is a emergency loss that should not occur again: ” We were happy to do that for the last time.” The power plant operator Tepco allegedly wants to create space in the tanks to store strongly contaminated water. The appeasements that there is no immediate danger of the environment and people from the introductions and extreme radiation of seawater, is actually only cynical. It is the good appeasement strategy to avoid panic. The Sudkorean government had shown worried and wants to carry out at least independent amounts on site. Now Tepco reports that the leak was allegedly smaller in the reactor somehow, what is given to photos of photos of the exiting water jet.

Obviously, it should be distracted that the situation is increasingly gaining control. At the weekend the publicity was with "to the crack" Culted from the allegedly heavily radiated water from the reactor into the sea. However, since the groundwater was already highly irradiated, it was allowed to ame that only a distraction manobole was. That, as suspected, extreme radiation probably released from the reactor core 2 or the reactor cores 1 and 3 or the coating basin 4 in other places into the environment, of which you have to go out now. Because the attempts to seal the crack in reactor 2 were failed. Incessed water, which was directed into the reactor, did not seep through the tore. So it has to escape in the reactor 2 at other places.

In the meantime, the International Atomic Energy Sounds IAEA has officially changed its opinion. In view of the fact that the government and operators have been known for at least one year the serious problems in the Fukushima reactors (danger of a meltdown in Fukushima had been known for a year), the Japanese IAEA boss Yukiya Amano now speaks of insufficient security precautions. "Successful views were not sufficient to prevent the operator to prevent this accident", said the Japanese in Vienna the question of whether the accident of Fukushima had been avoidable. So now the boss Un-authority has completed a swing, because so far he had still defended Tepco and talked about hardly controllable natural faiths, which are responsible for the catastrophe.

The problems were known. Again and again it has come to sturdy even with weaker earthquakes in Japanese nuclear power plants and also in Fukushima. That emergency cooling at the Fukushima reactor type does not really work is known for decades. Thus, the new audit of Amanano is further acconstrated, which distracts it that he has not fulfilled his task. He had to be destroyed urgently. This procedure of the IAEA is committed to many in its association that the authority has no control function, but rather a lobby organization of the atomic industry is. That the ubergange are fleeting is known. For example, the director of the Maintenance Department of Fukushima, Takeyuki Inagaki, before this activity was also in the IAEA tatig.

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