Left parties ready for registration

The effort of the left in the left and the willingness to regulate, these two signals opposed at first glance went from the Rostock party congress of the left

Harmony was announced at the party day of the left on the weekend in Rostock. He was a dasor in several ways. With Lothar Bisky and Oskar Lafontaine, the two politicians came into the background in the background, which the party in recent years had caused and without the union of PDS and WASG had probably not given the left. For this purpose, the group chairman Gregor Gysi automatically reduces a coarse weight that he sent on the party congress.

The group chairman Gregor Gysi on the party congress. Image: the left.de

Thus, as he was the die-federal federal fuel of Dietmar Bartsch, which was entangled in intrigue around Lafontaine or was awarded a political career in the Left Party. He was not allowed to lie so wrong. Because the proven pragmatist Bartsch always had the goal of making the party on all levels government.

So far, inner and outside the party, the Berlin model is seen as an exception or company accident with an exceptional pragmatic government lens depending on the political gusto. The pragmatics aircraft, on the other hand, strives to generalize the Berlin model and through government participations in possibly many federal tags to free the way for government participants at the federal level.

However, it was not on the Left Party that it did not come to such a spread of the Berlin model. In Thuringen, the SPD preferred a rough coalition, in Hesse the rights SPD aircraft and in Saarland made the grunen a dash through the bill. Now in NRW, again, from the point of view of the party’s pragmatists, a chance for the left, government ability to prove.

Before Hessian ratios in NRW?

Ironically, the NRW national association applicable to particularly links could become the first government faction in a West German state. The election result of 9. May in NRW, the left did not gather a brilliant election victory, but the jump over the 5% hurden.

Left parties ready for registration

Image: NRW Landesverband der leften

A reduction of the failed black yellow government is not possible without the votes of the left, because SPD and green is missing a voice. The other two realistic options are blocked by party political power plants for the time being. A rough coalition of two equally strong partners can already fail the question which party represents the ministerial prospective. The CDU insists because of a hint of votes in the votes for their lead. The SPD candidate will refer to the fact that your party has lost much less than the CDU.

A covenant from SPD, green and FDP was already torpedo by the Liberals in advance with maximum requirements. Thus, the FDP chairman Andreas Pinkwart declined with green and SPD because they wanted to record in parallel with the left negotiations. Because; So the logic of the liberal, who has a talk with left sextremists, can not be a conversation partner of his party. However, behind these party political planks are political strategies that remember the situation in Hesse two years ago. Red-grun is unaffected without the Left Party, a traffic light coalition actually wants nobody because of the coarse political differences. But especially the SPD calls you vehemently because she wants to try everything to make a reduction in the conservatives without the Left Party.

On the contrary, the FDP, on the contrary, wants to give the impression that a government is involved in the left-ended thing and hopes for the inflation when she is a fortress against the socialists and communists. The Union, on the Office, goes on diving station and waits for the mistakes of her political counterparties. In Hesse, the calculus was known and now Ruttgers hopes for a repetition. Otherwise, he had highly opportunities for a post in the Federal Cabinet or the EU. In this situation, the Left Party is not a particularly comfortable situation..www.FAZ.Net / S / Rubb4238231944B4B06816C99862ED4A164 / DOC ~ E2E1240E711248FDB72CA090D22EEBe ~ Atpl ~ Ecommon ~ Scontent.HTML. She emphasizes since the election evening again and again that a change of government is not failed.

Rule at what price?

The question of our own minimum conditions has already been held before the elections vague. "We do not support any government, which operates social mining, job reduction and privatization public ownership and which does not ensure that people’s working and living conditions significantly improve", explained the NRW national speaker of the left Wolfgang Zimmermann. He already showed how flexible the Left can be in its demand for abolition of study goods: "That was the SPD must have. Only the bonds for long-term students who have introduced them themselves could maintain them."

That was allowed to some of the students who are still on 5.May in Dusseldorf for the abolition of all degrees of study on the strain, probably different. The Auberarlamentary initiatives, which mobilized in the run-up to the NRW choice, also expect a policy instead of just a change of government. From this page there are therefore expectations to the Left Party. But over which prere media she has, if it is called with a pre-election election in NRW, a resolution of the CDU government has failed to stare attitude?

That the party congress in Rostock had no answers, is not surprising. But that fierce controversies out of such questions had already been expected to be expected. But they stayed out. That the media then frequently emphasized the harmony edit, can only feel praise, who elevates the ultimate goal.

Left parties ready for registration

The new party board of the left: Klaus Ernst, Katja Kiping, Halina Wawzyniak, Heinz Beerbaum, Sahra Wagnknecht, Gesine Lotzsch. Image: the left.de

In between a serious situation

In between, there were situations in between, where the controversies on the party congrovers, for example, as the Women’s List East projected by Pragmatics, mostly performed in the first ballot.

In the end, however, the recruited reclust was accepted in advance. The double tip was even chosen with rough majorities. In the election of the Deputy Chairman, the PartyInke Sahra Wagenknecht cut off with 75.3% of the votes best, even though she gained in the headlines a few weeks ago when she held in a speech of Israeli state president criticism of Israeli state policy for. But it was brought about that in the extra-parliamentary left more than in the party, as the election result shows. Also fell the positioning of the left to the Middle East Conflict under the harmony edit?

Disputes will continue

But after the party congress, the clashes will continue to go around the government participations and the red lines to be drawn, such as the positioning in sub-political ies, whether in the Middle East, in Afghanistan or the UN military inserts. It was also Matthias Hohn from Saxony-Anhalt, who likes to become the first Minister President of his party after the state-owned state elections and after the party congress more courage to controversy. The party link, on the other hand, is covered.

The woven towards a dilemma where the Left Party is located and that was clear in a dispute between the partic Olla Jelpke and the Realo Klaus Lederer in the Taz. During leatherists defended the Berlin model of co-government, Jelpke emphasized that the time for reforms in capitalism are over. However, it aligned the consequence, the rejection of government participations, and demanded more from their comrades in Berlin more conflict readiness. Elsewhere, Sahra Wagenknecht also warns the party before a development as with the grunes, but also avoids any clear positioning against government participations. Thus, the party congress that at first glance contradictory signal amed that the left in the left strengthened and at the same time the willingness to regulate the government.

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