Hegemony with prospect of decay

The Union parties, it seems, are in a comfortable location

In the general election, the Union parties have increased the distance to the SPD. The so-called left camp has proven to be phantom, so it does not constitute competition at the start of a new government. As a chancellor Angela Merkel sits firmly in the saddle, while she needs a party as a helper, but that will find it. For new elections, SPD and grune came badly. An Angie state in the long run?

The bill does. The image of a stable force of the CDU / CSU in the party spectrum is due to optical exchanges and also by the fact that the fractures in the housing of the Union parties are not taken into view.

In case of a closer look is recognizable: Even with this election, the CDU / CSU has not gathered the majority of the Wahler behind – and certainly not the majoritat of the voter voting. The legitimacy for the Chancellor is anything but upcoming, even if the opinion-making media bring this to the people. The AFD has not only committed to the Christian terrain, but strategically, it is a competition on the edge of the Union parties, revealing is the development in the Easter-rich parties landscape.

At the moment only the CDU / CSU still has the character of a "Folk party", The SPD will not recover him, with the greats, he was brought into play only short-term and illusionar. Still, the Union parties are able to eliminate expectations of economic owners, medium-sized staff and workers election policy with themselves.

On the consequent thing of politicians who determine the course of the CDU / CSU, for the structural requirements of the financial-"Market" and the coarse company is not to doubt, there are there "No alternatives". However, this is not clear that the Union policy makes all sorts of constraints in detail on Wunsche from that population mass that depends on dependent work. You can do that "Social democratization" call the Union, if thought of: on the "System transceiver" Had the "reformer" SPD even lasted, at least if it did not correspond to the requirements of the capital side.

The question is how long the ruling Union parties can convey the feelings, with them divergent economic and social interests are well accommodated, so to speak "saved". In German industry, the differences between world market-oriented actors and such middle-class companies rely on the internal market. For the middle classes growth decline. The skilled worker fears before the relocation in precare investments. There is still hope that the German Local Chancellor will keep all under control, ensuring the economic preferred position of the Federal Republic and to arrange social compensation in this country halfway.

But how long stop? Germany does not have a paradise insertion in an otherwise storm ocean of the European economy. Deferred problems have the unpleasant property not necessarily. And Angela Merkel, smart as she is, has already been explored, she will no longer perceive her job. It is probably that the People’s Party Phase of the CDU / CSU runs out during the next few years. What comes in the field of the parties does not have to be more pleasing than a present that is already unpleasant enough. An indication that misunderstood as a request for passivation.

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