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Iraq: laser weapons for US checkpoints

An average of eight times a day open US soldiers on strain checkpoints in Iraq The fire on drivers and occupants of oncoming cars, which evidently do not spend their pace. The risk that in fast approaching car enemy guerrillas sit is high, as well as the immense print that lasts on the soldier (cf. Communication problems with the US military) who must take the right decision within a very short time.

Because the risk that in the car, which is shoted, sitting harmless, uninvolved civilians, is very high and misguided way too often. Spectacular trap (cf. The liberated sacrifice becomes the victim of the liberators) provided for worldwide sensation and discussions. Now the Pentagon joyfully concocted a technical solution for the dilemma of American soldiers to Iraqi strain control points – a "milestone in the history of non-dead weapons".

As the Los Angeles reported Times, thousands of laser gates set to M-4 rifles are now being used by the US Army in a "pilot project" in Iraq. The newspaper already reports from first applications in Iraq. With an intense grunt beam, the laser attachment, called "The Green Beam Designer", The oncoming drivers are blind and blinding them.

I am convinced that this will make a rough difference, which is the avoidance of such confrontations. I promise nobody – nobody – will ignore this.

General General Peter Chiarelli

So enthusiastically shows the US Army commander of the "Day-to-Day" operations in Iraq opposite the new laser weapon, so skeptical are the critics of human rights organizations. They protest against the use of the weapon and drove the Geneva Convention, which bans the use of laser weapons, which make the opponent blind.

Human Rights Watch does not believe that the weapon to be used in Iraq (a weaker version of already tested, but not in the fight used laser ingredients), only the harmless short-term effects, as the Pentagon claims. Rather, they too should lead to long-term harmful harmful harms. The ladder, which stated for weapons of Human Rights Watch, Steve Goose, requires the American government a confirmation that the Geneva Convention is not injured, and no permanent blindness is caused by the weapon, because of too close or with coarse strong "Shot" will.

According to the manufacturer, the La-Times, an analysis has provided an analysis by a "Military Standards Panel" that the laser could be harmful to the eyes when his beam is released from about 68 meters (75 yards) or close.

But with this indication also opposition, because in the other place of the report, the head of the Development Department of the manufacturer B.E. Meyers Co, David Shannon, quoted, who made the following information on the phone: The use of stronger laser weapons was "cruel and unusual" even in the war, but the Green Beam Designer Be clearly safer, especially if you make sure that the application is limited to goals within 75 yards.

At about 300 meters, the range of the laser is indicated, which should be used mainly for deterrence. The green beam is seen at a distance of up to more than two miles, in the pictorial language of a staff of the production company, it should be about it as if you were seen directly in the sun. Tests in Camp Victory, the headquarters of the American militar in the nearby Baghdad, where a laser beam in the corridor was built a building, showed that the reflections of the rays of tiled soil the observers, which were not directly exposed to the beam, " Minute "The stars dance in mind.

It is therefore hopes that the handlebars of suspicious vehicles looks the right light before other weapons are used. The critics of the laser weapon, which after decades of development from the Joint Nonplich Weapons Directorate of the Pentagon (cf. Microwave weapon for Iraq) to be released to the test, stop General Chiarelli:

I Have No Doubt, That Bullets Are Less Safe.

Like a speaker of the Pentagon, LT. Color. Barry Venable, Reuters notified he did not know exactly how long those irradiated by the great laser light "Optical Incapacitation" suffer. He also made no knowledge of how distributed the application of the "laser apparel" in Iraq.

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