France: “poaching goods a political error”

The government does not want to give in the controversial Labor Law. The employer’s representative accuses the trade union CGT terrorist methods

Also in France, the persistent rain leads to overflow and disaster alarm. The weather dominates the news, the conflict on the Labor Law imprinted against Parliament (power struggle in France too) does not make the loudest headlines.

She is in the background, the benefit of government, which begins deescalation, reports Liberation. However, this is a matter of opinion and can quickly change, the situation between the dispute parties is characterized by incession.

For today, demonstrations in Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Toulouse and Marseille are announced, including strikes in train traffic and air traffic, including the refineries, nuclear power plants and harbor, they will be continued.

"Square the true exhaust" – Criticism of media

A blog of the publication MediaPart made aware of a phanomena yesterday, which is more discussed in Germany than in France: the agenda setting of the media and the information policy of the coarse media.

There, one pays out about 500 centers of work companions in the country, with the note that the true exhaustion of the work campaign actions in television news or newspapers like the Figaro is laminated.

The concern is about, because of several pages something grew together (keyword "Convergence of the fight") What not easy to lock and bring under control.

Employer representative Gattaz: "As in a Stalinist dictatorship"

The Prasident of the Employers’ Representation of Medef, Pierre Gattaz, made clear in an interview at the beginning of the week, as his site assesses the situation: he speaks that the rule of law is in danger and raises the trade union CGT that it is with violence, improvations and Terror. If the strikes drove that daily newspapers are no longer appearing, then he is like to live in a Stalinist dictatorship.

Demonstration of the trade union CGT last Thursday. Screenshot of the CGT-YouTube video

That gattaz is argued that the resistance to the new working law will cost many jobs, is nothing new. Characteristic is the inspiration. The formula is called: CGT is equal unemployment. Such additives can build on wide media backwind for the site of the entrepreneur.

Reports that try to explain the arguments of trade unions from a non-opposing attitude and the protests not already rated a priori as a world-speaking and economic sensor, judged against their own interests, are rare. Also in this country there are only a few exceptions.

"The land falls back!"

In Germany, the articles of the KitMeiden are mostly experienced by the fear of what has happened when the French government reproduces the interests of trade unions and protesting youth. If you are drawn attention to serious consequences at European level, France should not finally remember for the better.

"France’s Prasident Francois Hollande must not pinch in the enforcement of labor market reforms. Otherwise the land falls back", Write the daily mirror and the world pays for reasons why France becomes danger for the partner countries, "Above Germany".

Government deviates "No Jota"

France’s Prime Minister Valls Love Currently know that the government will not make any concessions. "Poaching goods a political error", he said in agreement with state prassident Holland. You will not give a Jota, so the message to Aufen.

Behind the facade, the at least from the mentioned report of the Liberation goes out, there are signals of the adoption between the government and the CGT boss Martinez. The government is rearing that the Fubball-friend Martinez does not want to organize the EM’s orientation.

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