Eyes shut and go for it

Bundestag wants to say goodbye this week still G-10 law with advanced Abbebundugs for intelligence services

A publicly discussion has hardly took place. Nevertheless, this Friday the G-10 law should be adopted in third reading in the Bundestag. It authorizes the Federal Message Service to distribute the line-based telecommunications traffic. The BND has access to 100 percent, while he was previously reported to satellite traffic.

The catch protection should also be given more powers. He may also hire the phones of extremists. Critical is the expansion on individual persons. Abhere is also allowed when it comes to referendums or violence outside of terrorist associations. Actually, the Federal Cancer Court demanded a significantly improved control of the Lauscher, as she judged her judgment on 14. Conjected July 1999. It was about the crime fighting law or. The G-10 law, which had been encouraged in 1994.

Pretty Spat, the Burger Rights Organization Humanist Union (HU) turned into the discussion. In an opinion on the Interior and Legal Committee of the German Bundestag, she pointed out to last week that the surveillance of international telecommunications transport for crime fighting was practically improved by the end of 1994. It is one "Wrong consequence", If now the suspected monitoring of telecommunication traffic through the BND should be extended. Also Kunftig was a success control of telecommunications monitoring by the intelligence services, ie penetration protection, military shielding service and federal news service, not instead.

Although an expert of HU was involved in the preparations of the law, she objected to the lack of transparency in the conclusion of the law – which it is right: it was previously discussed so far. At the first advice of the bill on the 29. Marz did not have a debate in parliament.

On Wednesday, there should be a last pronunciation in the interior committee of the Bundestag. Whether they take place public, is unclear. An appeal of experts has not yet been planned. The PDS has filed a request for a public statement on Friday at the last minute. Ulla Jelpke showed himself skeptical against Telepolis: "We need 25 percent. Grununes are not interested in public depreciation." The green strolled that such an application is traditionally placed by the opposition. A support is still uncertain and will probably decide on Wednesday.

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