Everything extremism or what?

The newest figures of the Federal Ministry of the Federal Ministry of political violence are in criticism

One year ago, the political class was also warned in connection with the economic crisis before political unrest. Some commentators have taken this discussion as an opportunity to make fun of completely unjustified panic. Because in Germany of the year 2010 is not even an opposition air as noticeable, not to mention political unrest. Therefore, it also has to surprise if the Federal Ministry of the Interior for 2009 reports a strong increase in political violence with left background.

The strongest increase is recorded in the area of politically motivated criminal titled links. Here, above all, the violent offenses have increased enormously. For the first time, more corporate injuries from politically linkers were committed as politically right motivation. These did these deeds in more than half of the trap against police force – almost all the above body injury offenses against belongings of the right scene. In addition to resistance offenses and landfill breaking, above all arsons to motor vehicles have increased. Of these, in the majority of private vehicles, but also vehicles of state authorities – mainly affected by the police and the Bundeswehr – as well as coarse companies.

Press release of the Federal Ministry of the Interior

In concrete numbers printed out the BMI last year 33.917 politically motivated offenses found. 19 had 19.468 a right and 9.375 had a left background. The rest will be subsumed under the headings vertical criminalitat with political background and other political crimetate with political background. In 2008, the crimes with a right background decreased by 13.8% and the left background by 54.3% increased. While the offenses stored under channel criminalitat have fallen by 46.4%, there is also an increase of 176.7% in the other category.

Question of the definition

Immediately after the presentation of the report, which is also associated with the demand for legal shelving, the dispute began on the definition. This is the very creative handling of the terminations through the BMI. Thus, as a reasoning for the strong decline under the heading, the foreign criminalitat stated that it was in the same period of 2008 "to a significant increase due to violation against the club law by PKK-Ange". Specifically, this is the fact that particularly often fahnchen with emblems of the Kurdish workers’ party forbidden in Germany were shown by their chairman Abdullah Ocalan.

What is completely legal in many European neighboring countries has highly driven the numbers in a particularly sensitive area in Germany, which always ensures resentments under the keyword outstanding criminalitat. This is the term outstanding crime itself in the criticism. Lively, many of the people who use for political concerns in their hometermons, German State Burger or life for many years in Germany. A separate classification is more than fragwurround.

Politically motivated vandalism?

For the increase in the offices under the heading "Other" Does the BMI itself provide an explanation: "The increase in the violence in the area of PMK other was allowed to influence not clearly politically associated protests in connection with the educational strike, but also against nuclear transports."

Thus ensure proper diseases, such as a too long transparent or wearing sunglasses on a demonstration, for the highly fastening of numbers in the area of politically motivated crimes?

Another sentence in the explanation of the Federal Interior Minister stimulates for inquiries: "Also, it should be observed that more people act from a rather politically protected basic setting, but seem to be proposed by their deeds of vandalism; sometimes even the vandalism is in the foreground."

Especially in the phenomena of the car year, which in recent months mainly in Berlin for headlines, the question arises, where the boundaries between vandalism, insurance fraud, frustration is located on the car owner and political action. Finally, the reason for the car toures are varied. All attempts of judicial care to condemn people from the left milieu, so far have failed at the lack of evidence. Solidarity groups and critical lawyers actually throw police and justice to make a tatter from the left milieu.

Against every extremism concept

The extremism discussion has consequences on the practical policy. Thus, the TAZ reports that funds, which were previously planned for the fight against the right, should now be used for the fighting of left-wing extremism. The new Family Minister Kristina Schroder has already used as a member of the Bundestag.

Critics, as the SPD member of parliament Peter Edathy monitors that the initiatives against the right to establish a democratic culture in certain regions. This work could be impaired by classifying the finances. The initiative against every extremism concept becomes even more basic with its criticism. In a call, portions of civil society are also criticized, which may also be uncritical for tactical reasons the extremism concept in the light version.

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