Emergency equipment with satellite understatement patented in the usa

A receptionist for the Global Positioning System shares the police at the push of a button where a person is in distress

Leandra Vicci is the head of the "Department of Computer Science" At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and inventor of a new device that it may be threatened, not only to call the police invantically, but at the same time communicating where they are. The U.S. Patent office has just the certificate to protect this new development, the "Automatic emergency and position indicator" displayed.

MRS. Vicci has its best ideas in the most inappropriate moments and strangest places, Z.B. Fruh morning in the shower. Last year she came exactly there the ingenious idea for this invention. When unwind of the soap she thought of recently read reports on rape in Chapel Hill, who had shocked her, and she realized that one would not remain time at a surgery, her cellphone and eliminate the emergency number. Not to mention it, then to explain who you are where you are and what happened. Since it is the director of the microelectronic laboratory and a specialist for hardware, it was committed that the technical requirements for direct emergency call assessment already existed with local coordinates. "There is GPS for the position determination, the mobile phone for communication and GIS for translation, a microphone, to horen what’s going on and a microprocessor that brings it all to run", explains Leandra Vicci. The implementation of these findings is the combination of a global positioning system (GPS) receiver with a microprocessor and mobile phone chips that make a radio link to a geographic information system (GIS) server. The latter puts the coordinates in praceless location information and can then immediately notify the emergency call center or a local police post. A microphone turns on automatically and transferred to the police what’s going on.

GPS, the Global Positioning System, is a radio destination for the position determination, more precisely that since 1982 also the general public satellite navigation developed by the US Department of Defense. In a high of 20’200 km circa 24 GPS satellites in six train levels the earth, the orbital plans form six orbital levels, which are starting from the equatorial level at an angle of 55 degrees to each other. The distance determination is done by the runtime life of signals sent out of reference points and received by the user. Fixed points are the satellites whose position is exactly defined. In May 2000, the artificial inaccuracy of the GPS system was switched off by the US government. The position determination for civil usage has improved from previously about 100m to 10-20m (Global Positioning System is now more accurate) with GIS, the geographic information system (Geoinformation systems IT mainstream) are digitally recorded digitally, saved and updated. It serves for room structuring, modeling and simulation of spatial developments, including the exact determination of a position considered by GPS as a geographical circumstances.

The freshly patented "Automatic emergency and position indicator" is in the stage of planning, still there is no assembled model of the device. Leandra Vicci hopes to find a company that builds the prototypes and makes the device series ready. It introduces itself to its indicator in the form of a kind of collar or strap so that someone who is threatened only had to pull on it to send the device to the alarm. The attacker was not even noticeable that Alarm is already drawn and the police are traveling. The emergency room will be much smaller than a cell phone, because the needed chips hardly take place. "My motivation was to bring something to the market, which can help potential rape victims, because this thought was at the beginning," Says the remarkable computer specialist, "But this device can also be used in many other emergency situations. I could imagine that it makes sense for riders and hikers, if they get problems somewhere in the wilderness and bring such help. Our goal is to make something available, helps to make this world safer for all people."

For the purpose of making this world safer, GPS is already being used in the US, but on the other side of the coin: the fans and not the potential victims. The electronic bottleneck (prison in the open air) with Global Positioning System has been offered since last year to monitor the criminals in real time. In Germany, the first attempt of electronic guarding of offensors was started in 2000, which are driven in Hesse on preservation. However, the old models with directional transmitter and telephone are used here for the transmission of the residence of the virtual prisoner to a headquarters (Hesse is testing the first German federal state electronic bottleneck)

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