Elimination of the opposition according to all rules of oriental despot art

Bahrain: "It’s too far!" – Even royal spatter falls on that the protest movement is demonized. Trade unions complain about unithery striking

Many look to Libya, no one looks at this island. In the attention shadow of the Allied coarse use against the Libyan Violence Square in Bahrain some PR complexity to throw all reform munches from the population into a make-up pot named shiite conspiracy and drag to the resolution. With the reference to the regional Grobfind Iran, one could, as supported by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, excluded the emergency status and proceed according to all the rules of oriental despot against any opposition.

What started the progestinal action against the amount of protest at Pearl Roundabaout Square, the cleaning of the Bahrainische Office of all the disturbing voices and signs, is currently continuing. After a coarse arrest wave of Schiite oppositionist, it is now against unions and the large opposition newspaper. In the past week, a well-known, very moderate blogger Mahmood Al-Yusuf had been arrested, which was involved in the entire time of protests for mediation and cohesion of the Bahrainisches Society ("Weome All Bahrainis").

The General Second-General of the International Union Confederation (German IGB, English Union ITUC) drawn attention yesterday on reprisals and punishments, with which workers and trade unionists were confronted in Bahrain, which participated in strikes or demonstrations, to which the Bahrainische Trade Union General Federation of Bahrain Trade Union (GFBTU) – had called.

Unchecked and other disciplinary recordings against strikers

As "political purification", as "worrying, unacceptable and illegal", Sharan Burrov refers to the along 300 workers who were employed by Alba (Aluminum Bahrain BSC) and Khalifa Sea Port. ALBA praises the use of the work colleagues, which compensated the travers by the strike with overtime, and threatens the employees who have violated the labor law of the Konigreich of Bahrain and Albas regulations with disciplinary maws:

Nevertheless, Employees Who Have Infringed The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Labor Law AS Well as Alba’s HR Policies by Not Reporting, OR Committing Other Offices Against The Company Will Have To Face Disciplinary Actions Accordingly.

Striking workers were replaced by migrants, claiming the International Trade Union Confederation, which represents this "exploitation practice" in a separate report as scandalosis practice.

The University of Bahrain also served according to the ITUG as the scene of "serious antigenwerkliche repression". According to his information, the Vice-Prassident of the Bahrainian Teacher Union and four members of trade union management, as well as the following day, the General Secretar arrested. As well as students who were deleted in front of Stpipendien.

Censorship against critical newspaper

Like the British Guardian Journalist Brian Whitaker in his blog – see Bahrain Newspaper Under Attack – the opposition newspaper Al-Wasat Hindered last weekend at the appearance, official reasons: "unprofessional and moral practices", which were included in lugs, defamation and plagiarism, as well as "old news" (about the protests?To). Only after replacement of senior editors the newspaper was allowed to appear again. The senior editor was a Schiit, who is always critical to the government. According to Whitaker, all other local blatters – he pays Akhbar Al-Khalij, Al-Bilad, Al-Watan and the Gulf Daily News – narrow connections with the government.

The hard, partially brutal approach to the Bahrainian government against the protests, as also documented by Amnesty International in a report, followed a wave of arrests and discrimination against Shiites, which the government publishes the driving force of the riots, which makes it possible to no longer continue to deal with the political reformanship.

Observations of a royalist

Even authors like the blogger Sohail Algosaibi watch this with concern. Sohail Algosaibi stood the protests from the beginning with some skepticism. Because he was different when this was reported abroad, even in the peaceful demometer scene, aggressive elements, which soon already radical demands presented and demanded the abdication of Konig Hamids. According to Algosaibis guesses, these groups were not resurrected in front of arms violence.

These observations enamed Algosaibi Mitte Marz, when the protest wave had become the dangerous crisis for the Konigshaus, in a blog post, where he gave himself as a royalist and the aggressive elements of the in his eyes uneven protest movement clearly exhibited, as well as the insistence of the Sunnis in Bahrain. He talked about his segregation of the different currents within the protests, in which many Sunnis were recognized, also in the state transmitter Bahrain TV, whom he praised for his change to more openness and so far unknown pronounced. A few days later he relativized this praise because he also noticed that the wind had turned:

What Irger me and worried me now is that it goes far too far. From what I can see, the coarse part of the shipments is to demonstrate the opposition and protests. This goes too far! Once you have someone in a fight K.O. beat (Algosaibi is martial trainer, Anm. D.Red.), there is no additional reason to kick him when he lies on the ground.

"Hab campaigns"

So the voice from a government-friendly warehouse. Other situations of the opposition, which fails very much more drastic and have been reaffirming opposition and tribulation for weeks, such as Barain Online or the daughter of a human rightsman who has given the Nom de Guerre Angry Arabiya, once.

As infam the propaganda proceeds to descend critical voices, with the case of the above Bahrain-known bloggers Mahmood Al Yusuf studying. Human rights and fair ratios, the cohesion of the Bahrainisches Society (Mahmood was Admin of Just Bahraini) oriented bloggers, who, during the protests, was mainly sealed, had been arrested in a night action last week and not insignificantly due to the prere of his support for little later has been released. If you follow the links in your blog entry for liberation, you can make an idea of how defamation works.

….. WE Conclude That Under The Banner of Unite BH This Group (Picture Attached) Attempted to Trick The International Media and Residents and Citizens of the Country to Join Them in Their Hate Campaign Under the Disguise of Pro-Democracy, While in Fact It What Purely Anti goverment…

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