Brazil: grael video triggers debate about states in prisons

Gangcriminals filmed when posing with beheads

One of the most viewed royal videos is currently not from Syrian or Chechen Salafists, but by Brazilian violent criminal. It shows the clipped corpses of Diego C. (21), Manoel R. (46) and Irismar P. (34). All three borsters have massive torture tracks. The mobile video was supposedly not in a favela, in which the police no longer dare, but in a prison – so where violence criminals actually sits down their punishment, and should not pose their passions and posing with bodies like Trophaaen.

The residence in the state of Maranhao is appointed in their refusal of a comment on the expulsions of 17 years ago on Tuesday by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. December on the fact that not yet a hundred percent proved whether the video really depicts the bodies of the three getoten. On it that it is more likely than false, the 62 murders indicated, which happened last year within the walls of the Pedrinhas detention center, from which the video comes from. There are two criminal bands that say that feudal rule goes so far that relate women have to make powerless prisoners at visiting sexual services to secure the survival of detainees that are far below in the chopping order.

These findings come from Richter Douglas Martins, who officially stated after visiting the detention center in his report that the government has no control over the occupants. Although Martin’s report comes from December, the Brazilian government was only able to publish after the acquisition videos becomes known to relocate the suppliers of the two rival prison bands in federal competences. Whether this can help the constant human rights violations, however, is questionable:

The for 1.770 people aligned caught is currently 2.196 inmates clearly covered. But even if that was not that good, it is designed to live several enchants in a cell and that prisoners are truly. This is not only in Brazil, but also in other countries – including in Germany. And in these countries, there are therefore steadily heavy human rights violations in caught – which usually make less headlines than in Brazil now.

In view of this configuration of punishment, the question arises, which is expected for a behavior of judicially certified wealth experts, if you lock themselves for a long time with unparalleled and with other people in a narrowest room? Critics encourage that the resulting export of power by caught in somewhere may not be quite unquenched, because in this way actually forbidden corpers and torture through the backpound part of the penalty train and thus also the "deterrence" stay.

Especially for the conclusion in German cogs, however, community idologies from the 1970s are also responsible. Guided by a zeitgeist, the single cells with an inappropriate metaphor as "Insulation folder" Reinforced, reforms invented the so-called "Residential". They turned "Residential group" in detention centers like residential communities and closed the eyes that there are not only sociology students, but also sociopaths that can take a more specific role in milieus such as fishing or militar.

In the residential groups should the prisoners "Exercise social affairs". Exactly this "Social cooperation" But is, as the study from the year 2006 as one of the first empirical on an otherwise almost outlyerically theoretically baced area, he determined "every day practiced strategies of submission" embossed. In the US, such a "Social social" among other things to the formation of gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood or La EME, which soon also occurred outside of fehrnisse as organized criminal bands. But even without explicit gang formation, the "Community experiences" in prisons unique opportunities for exchanging expertise and buffing contacts that make criminals from criminals.

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