An idea of the internet hype wants to grow up

1999, everything went. No idea was to Blod or Playful to get Dafur Venture Capital. Mostly the technically playful projects were still the more serious. Not everything stayed in the Dotcom Crash on the track: "Hey wow" will now be 4 years later real.

Heywow.COM – How to get only on such a bad name? The explanation: "Well, the Amis had such cool names like ‘Yahoo’ and with us everything always just ‘E-Procrustination 2.0 ‘or so similar – and there was in the pub after a conference stop the name’ Hey Wow ‘." So a real snapside.

Whether it was a way decision to maintain this name even after the pub evening to this day is the question. Now the system has to live with it. "Hey wow" In any case, a mobile information system with integrated "Location Based Services" be as "Personal guardian angel" The traveler already says in time that his flight is deleted, the highway is clogged and the train does not go on track 1, but on track 13.

But one realized that this does not work in practice: The information to be reported were not in time and sufficient to catch up and transferred – frustration the result, if you have the traffic jam first, if you already have appropriate. This also creates the traffic.

If a 100-watt bulb becomes a 100-watt pear: Heywow-Werbeitimck

Therefore, one has now switched on a gear: in Landsberg am Lech, 60 kilometers west of Munchen, instead of the originally planned PDAs handmere multimedia phones of the type Sony-Ericsson P800 with additional Bluetooth interfaces are used to the classic audio-color playleading of today’s Replace museums. Who stands in front of a sightlessness, can now not only hold the horne to the ear and after printing a combination of numbers horen. Instead, the phone will be fucked by the phone and says where he is.

Information about the location – Whether beer garden, boutique or historical sightedness – are then loaded on the phone from a local web server over Bluetooth and if the web server also has a connection to the Internet, any other content is available – if you are on the small mobile phone screen fit, goes along. In the beer garden, the menu appears on the mobile phone, in the boutique the special offers and the museum are displayed the opening hours and exhibits.

The Landsberger Town Hall with LSP antenna (red arrow)

That a Landersberg visitor should now have this mobile phone model of Sony-Ericsson, is unlikely, and even if, if this had not loaded the software necessary for the presentation. Therefore, you can expect the multimedia mobile phone city vehicles from the spring of 2004, if everything is stable, in Landsberger Tourismusburo. If you stay on the way to the Landsberg Valley in the traffic jam on the way to the Landsberger valley and the locals are on the question of the town hall where the Tourismusburo is to be sent to the narrow tower instead, Heywow can not, in contrast to the original planning help.

1.5 million euros has boosted the project so far, 50 percent of this controls the high-tech offensive Bavaria and develops this GPRS, wireless LAN and Bluetooth directly without interruption when switching to use using the German Center for Aerospace (DLR. A compact computer with 666 MHz CPU, Linux and a USB Bluetooth adapter serves as "LSP", as "Local Service Point". There book the devices. Originally, the LSP should be integrated for simpler installation in brackets for 100-watt gluing bulbs – but that was also allowed to remain nonsense even in extreme miniaturization due to the warm development of the glue pears.

Weatherproof packed Bluetooth USB adapter as a LSP transmitter

Small beauty error: Bluetooth is limited to a maximum of 8 devices, at a LSP can therefore log in to a maximum of 7 mobile phones. This is just a half-past museums or beer garden. For example, Bluetooth phones must be inactive in future "park", To allow others access. But before the technicians have only one chance to get this problem under control, the marketing presented as a particularly well-suited application for Heywow calculated a fully occupied Fubball Stadium with 20.000 visitors, in which these interactively coordinate in a few seconds, to win prizes. Strikes are programmed when the seatbank does not be part of partout "park" wants and thus hampers his own vote and chance of winning. Likewise, there are problems if a disco with its own unlicented LSP is currently taking place right next to the Heywow-diched beer garden and so the wrong drink card on the mobile phone.

With a trial walk with the high-tech tourist guide by Landsberg, one had to be careful not to collapse at the head with the other visitors, during which one went to see on sawingness and rather than the strain on the display with the relatively small writing starved in front of him. Also Bluetooth bends very slowly, so you are not on the message of the Gerat "You are now at the Schmalztor" should be left – then you are already the next lookout point.

The details are made for a lot of love – so it is paid in a cozy Bavarian to the sights something. In English, French and Hochdeutsch you still work so that the strangers also understand something, for which the system is actually meant. First, however, the Landsberger themselves can advocate, which do not always know where their town hall is now exactly.

After all, the often embarrassing question for technology players "Where is the business model here??" Remoted in Landsberg: "Heywow" Should only Landsberg be attractive here for more young visitors and boost tourism. Even the system does not have to do any money here. Hey, Wow, really cool age, now order a beer on your mobile phone, the coat of arms!!

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