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Munchener WebDesign company Feels by contributions "fear"

As you get into the net, it is known to sound again. However, this experience is fully new for the company 3points.

About a year ago, an employee of the company seemed the pages of the Association Blaster to make a bit of advertising under different keywords: "As a full service Internet agency 3points offers you conception, realization and online marketing from a single source. Our e-mail: info @"

This mervically annoyed the participants of this write project based on automatically linked keywords, so that they warned in return, among other things, before the supposedly bad service of 3points. Then nothing happened for a long time. But a few days ago, the leaders of the sudden post from Oliver Kostinek received the boss of the Munchener Webdesign company:

Dear ladies and gentlemen, the lines below I found on search engines on 3points. The name 3Points is written by us and we also operate actively under. After also statements like "F U C K 3Points" And much more on your side can be found and gearing search engines bring about your content hits, we urge you urgently, everything about 3points up to the 07.09.2001 to release from your database.

We have been made aware of this pounding by our customers. We currently see from a claim for damages against you and the Merz Academy, which hosts your appearance.

If you do not remove the content immediately, we will become a claim for damages against the operator O. G. Domain and the Merz Academy strive for. (The content is apparently visible many months). Furthermore, we will give the case to our lawyer and complain below. The terms are all trap in the six-digit area. Breakfast Oliver Kostinek

At the same time, Kostinek should also have threatened the Merz Academy, on whose server the AB pages are threatened with a lawsuit. The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences responded according to the ie of the prompt and demanded the release of the texts in question. However, this is rejected by the creators of the AB consistently:

"For us it is unacceptable, the project under the motto ‘the decision lies with us to present the users’, and at the same time to remove individual texts on request. The 3Points employees, like any other user of the association blaster, could use the evaluation system to hide the in-depth texts in their opinion."

Nevertheless, you have deactivated your project last week before. You now want to move to your own server to continue to avoid uncensored from there. And they act accordingly in the sense of the slogan "The World Communicates Online Anytime Anywhere" – with the incurred the company 3Points advertises on your web page for your definite great service.

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