Anthropocene: how humanity symbolizes in the roast chicken

Anthropozan: How humanity symbolizes in the roasting

Image: USDA

Scientists are trying to show why the Bratlothe has best demonstrated the anthropogenic transformation of the biosphare since the industrial mass husbandry from the 1950s

British geologists and archaeologists have raised the mast or brather (broiler) to the symbol of anthropozan. Gallus Gallus Domesticus show in his morphological differences to related species and by his mass, like man the earth and life on her through the exploitation of resources and the changing of diet. Whether you have roughly gained something about knowledge, the maschuhn as an outstanding "Sign of a converted biosphere" To portray for art archaeologists, you can leave it. But it is already impressive and frightening, what the scientists have worked out the speed and the exhaustion of the industrialization of animal breeding based on the mast hall and its development. With the propagation of the farm animals, the biodiversity and the number of wild animals dwind.

Of the mast tambs, there are now more than all the other bird together, also much more than any other bird bird birds (Ganse 0.3 billion, ducks 1.1 billion) or other pets. Scattered 65.8 billion cocks were slaughtered in 2016. The difference to pigs – 1.5 billion and cattle – 0.3 billion – is considerable. Also, as far as the tons of meat are concerned, the chicken will soon be tuned (120 million tons). The scientists, however, write in their article, which appeared in Journal Royal Society Open Science, that much more cocklars could be slaughtered than the scatzt. The lifespan of the cocks before the slaughter is just 5-7 weeks – egg-laying chicken were average one year ago. The early end of both has to do with economic considerations. Anyway, there is permanently to give the 22.7 billion-living cocks. If their lifespan is only 5-7 weeks, then much more than 66 billion are produced in any case.

Whose cadavers, which arise during the rearing or after recycling, land in the mull and pile up there potentially. Sometimes it comes to mass penetrations when millions of chickeners are destroyed, for example, because of bird flu. The mass of KadaVern is one of the reasons for the scientists, why "broiler" should apply as a sign of anthropozan. The Cadavers were widely used biostratigurically as the most important fossils of anthropozan in the sediments. Their mass of equal other materials made by humans, which depend on like plastic, concrete or spherical rub particles that arise through burning fossil energy. Chicken bones become, as the chicken consumption continues to rise, mass in garbage charges, where they can be preserved and mumification, or other accumulations around the world.

The ancestors of the maschluhns, the Bankivahuhn (Gallus Gallus), has in captivity a life between 3 and 7 years and is significantly smaller. It was attracted 8000 years ago in Asia, 3000-2000 arrived before our era for Central Asia and in two waves 700 and 100 years before our era to Europe to spread over the whole world. From the 16. Century took the weight by selective breeding, but then stopped until the middle of the 20. Century. So it took a long time until a mass rearing has begun with appropriate technique, so that the chicken, which also gently changed by mutations, and, for example, a reproduction all year round, grow faster and raise a multiple of weight. Only from the 1950s, the cocks began dramatically by breeding and massively growing as biomass. It originated "Vertical integration systems" (Brutstatten, farms, slaughterhouse, processing systems and marketing) of industrial chicken farms, which are responsible in the USA for 97 and worldwide for 70 percent of production.

Industrial chiefs can not survive without a technical system

Today’s industrial chickens, which have a four- or five times so coarse weight as in the 1950s, can only survive in the technical breeding systems, they are nervous, they have numerous bone pathologies, the fertilization takes place, as well as the eggs are skipped But, the cups are then pulled into ten thousands in farms under climate-controlled moisture rapidly pulled up a few weeks as a cartridge until they are slaughtered. In an attempt, cache not only 5, but 9 weeks grow and live, the mortality rate increased to seven times, which have already installed an obsolescence as an industrial product. The rapid growth of the breast and leg muscles leads to a reduction of other organs such as the heart or the lungs, which influences their function and causes a lifetime for a lifetime. In addition, the center of gravity is relocated further down, which leaves with the increase in the breast muscle mass to exercise problems or for a laying: "Unlike other NeoBiota, this new cockroach morphotypus is shaped through intensive human intervention and not fahig without living her."

Industrial chicken breeding also gives agriculture, because the feed now consists mainly of corn or wheat, but also fishmeal and waste from eggs, chickeners and cuke, to increase protein intake. Recently tried to increase the protein intake by insect flour. Cockets have the coarse food efficiency against other livestock. For example, the rural flax is smaller than pigs or cattle, but still the land consumption and nitrogen emissions by dungem means is more than twice as high as the cultivation of rice, wheat or potatoes.

"The arrival of the fast growing morphotypus in the 1950s", So the conclusion of the scientists, "and his suppure of industrial farms worldwide, can be seen as almost simultaneous global sign of the changes in biosphare, which is currently operated by humans and technosphare. … Hearch symbolize the transformation of the biosphare to adapt them to human consumption patterns, and they show a clear potential to become a biostratiolological nature of anthropozan."

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