An exit appeal – not to forget the humane component

An exit appeal - not to forget the humane component

Image: Peter Grassmann

Also an appeal, the many small restaurants (and also boutics and business) not to forget that in many places still jerking of the social, thawn of McDonald’s, Amazon and online delivery

We remember. At 16. Marz said Markus Soder a powerful word and almost paid the public life in Bavaria to zero. Almost, because in Bavaria already begins in Marz the time of the drabs sitting, the time, in the restaurants and inns to open their terraces and their garden and give the most demanded lifestyle space.

And because he knows Bavaria, Sodder took the terraces and beer garden from the general retention – by course with a distance rule and a bit of interior in the restaurants, up to 30 people. However, only during the day, until 15:00. In the evening, no one sits in the sun in this season. As far as I could watch that, restaurants and beer garden were well poured the restrictions well and lovingly stood out of the tables away. For a week, Bayern were still allowed to enjoy fresh air.

The coderal dispute between the federal tags wich Bayern so decided and created facts. But Merkel was not Germany’s Chancellor if she had passed the folderalism. And so the hospitable sun terraces and beer garden were sacrificed to the Strerger Berlin and his RKI consultants, which restored after the winter break just furnished seating areas. Sun was only a walk.

After four weeks of isolation in Bavaria, the intensive care stations are not so filled, as canceled. Now it seems that Soders Humanitat was quite a good positional assessment. That after three to four weeks of isolation and an incubation period of two weeks a surcharge of intensive care should still come, does not want to illuminate. Currently the intensive care stations are busy to two-thirds, hard enough for the present staff, but at least with some scope.

Promised is promised

At Easter, the doubling of infections now leased to 16 days. And from 14 days of doubling you wanted to think about relaxation. From the date, the number of geneses is roughly roughly roughly as the number of redefined. That’s reached.

Now you can hope that Berlin and Rki will soon be released again, the spring air as usual on the terraces of the Gasthauser and in front of the ice cream parlors and striving cafes, with distance and decency self resistant and – as soon as possible – also with mask.

Image: Peter Grassmann

The weather forecast for the next weeks remains spring-like. Maybe he was right. The insulation is a degree hike – but a few sunbeams form the vitamin D, which needs the immune system so urgently and give the stressed psyche new confidence. The early start has helped the Bavaria hit by his ski vacationers. It was about every day. But Soder Web around the small popularity of Bavarian special ways in the remaining republic. So there will no longer be a Bavarian way. But you can hope that this little memory of whose humanity is addressed at the meeting of the ministerial prospects. So we hope for a nationwide gift for the next weekend or at least for the first day after.

Dr. Peter H. Grassmann studied Physics in Munchen, did his doctorate there at Werner Heisenberg and went to. At Siemens, he built the 25-million-heavy division of imaging systems. As chairman of Carl Zeiss (until 2001) he renovated the foundation company in Jena together with Lothar Spath. He is a critic of a radical market economy and calls for more fairness and sustainability. Grassmann received numerous awards and is involved in the Munchner Environmental Academy "More democracy e.V.", The Carl-Friedrich-von-Weizsacker-Gesellschaft and the Senate of the economy.

By Peter Grassmann the book appeared in the Westend Verlag: "Pentures the economy! Without critical interference, we will not stop the greed".

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