Young american dare media not

Only the congress and the Wall Street are added even less trust, scientists and militar gets most familiar

The Institute for Politics of Harvard University has established in a poll the attitude of young people from 18-29 years to the media. After that, the commentary would be considered "Lying press", As in this country some circles mainly from the right and foreign corner to give them non-fierced media, still a praise. The American young people are deeply skeptical.

For 15 years, the institute has asked young people about their political attitudes, including the relation to the media. For the current survey, 3 were.034 18-29-year-olds between the 18th. Marz and the 1. April interviewed.

Only 12 percent believe that the media deserve trust because they do the right thing, 39 percent say they were never doing that. And only 2 percent among the 12 percent, which is a natural confidence in the media, that they were always doing the right thing. So that the media, if it makes sense, make sense to consider such a flat-rate settings as meaningful, at the bottom and still behind the congress (17%) and Wall Street (14%). 49 percent give the local police attitude trust, more than the Federal Government (25%), the United Nations or Prasident (both 37%) or the Supreme Court (42%). 56 percent have trust in scientists who are at the top with the militar (53%).

May be that that’s why 57 percent were also to send soil troops to get the Islamic state. Apparently, the willingness to rise for the US to engage heavily abroad. 35 percent are for the fact that the US is to take the lead in the solution of international conflicts, 10 percent more than last year. 61 percent were that the US should leave this other countries or the United Nations, 13 percent less than 2014. And 23 percent think that sometimes it is necessary, "to attack Poited hostile states instead of waiting to be attacked to react to react". These are 7 percent more than 2014, but in 2013 were 25 percent of this opinion.

The reputation of the scientists stresses that 75 percent ame that climate warming is a fact that is mainly caused (55%) or partly (20%) of people. Only 23 percent depends on the republican strong skepticism and says that climate heat is not yet proven.

Trust in the legal system is low in black and latinos

Politically active are only 21 percent, for 51 percent, religion continues to be important for their lives, 52 percent over the "Moral orientation of the country" concerned. The health insurance is better, but there is a principle of conflicting attitudes. 40 percent believe that tax rays are investing economic growth, as well as many say the government must spend more poverty fighting and 22 percent that more economic growth arise due to higher government expenditure.

And although so many of the fact of climate heat expect, only 32 percent ignore stronger climate protection policy, but 5 percent more than the year before. And the optimism is still rough, 41 percent believe it was once better than their parents, 33 percent ame that they will go well, only 13 percent fear, it will go worse. 70 percent say it is difficult for students to find a fixed job after the university degree.

Little surprisingly, the young people favor the Democrats, even if 40 percent no party nearby. 55 percent wishes to win the Democrats at the upcoming prasidal elections, 40 percent are for the Republicans. The women are strongly democratically aligned, the mostly majority of Latinos (68%) and the black (87%) tends to the Democrats, in the wings are only 41 percent. Most of the (47%) Hilary Clinton’s (47%) Hilary Clinton elections, in the Republican, it is less clear, 10 percent tend to Ben Carson, 8 percent to Rand Paul, 7 percent to Jeb Bush. With the official authorization of Obama, the half is satisfied.

Interesting is after the renewed fall of police brutality, how the legal system is perceived. Generally, 49 percent (9% strong) trust that people are treated for without prejudice of their origin. But it makes a deep gap between population layers. Who is privileged, the majority has been resorted or benefited from the system, has a better opinion. At the seven, 55 percent satisfies a majority with the legal system and its pre-judicialness, at Latinos say 53 percent, it was not fair, the blacks are 66 percent. Democrats and independent have lower trust, in the Republican-minded belief, on the other hand, two-thirds of the legal system, although the Republicans are actually state-critical and seeking the narrow state, but they want the strong state in safety and defense, ie for the protection of their own interests.

The protests as for the falls in Ferguson and New York (Baltimore took place only after the survey) the unequal treatment by the police urge, only 49 percent believe in the blacks, however, it is 81 percent, which also print hope. However, 80 percent set to bodycams that carry police officers at a few of them, they believe it came to change, when the staff has been set to the police stations after the composition of the neighborhood, 49 percent keep the termination of compelling minimum penalties for drug ownership or sales meaningful.

Back to the media. In another survey among adult US burgers, which was published in Marz, turned out that Fox News received the large trust among the television broadcasters, even though this is especially Republican and alter people say. Nevertheless, this will be doubts about the assessment. 29 percent trust this most, followed by CNN with 22 percent. But 48 percent also say that the information that gives television stations should be less trustworthy than for early times.

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