Usa: of coup, rebellion and turmoil

USA: of coup, rebellion and turmoil

Double Standard: Trump Tweet of Last Year

After the riots in Washington: Trump has to expect the event with a prison sentence, as he once required it for such a trap? A comment

It was the unwelt US Prasident Donald Trump, the 27. July 2020 About Twitter demonstrators he "Anarchists, agitators or protesters" called, before "at least ten years in the prison" warned, you should shady federal state. Since the Twitter account of the ex-prasident is currently locked, the party European Parliamentarian Martin Sonneborn has a screenshot of the tweets to be tweeted.

In view of the storm of his arms on Parliament in Washington, to which Trump had called the crowd in practice, he had to be accused immediately for turmoil and a coup attempt (Liveticker for "coup attempt" In Washington). Everything specifies that Trump has worked purposes on the advances for weeks, (Trump in the end: is now the coup d’?) yes even months ago, when he fabulated before the vote of an electoral fraud.

Probably that will not happen. This is also the tentative approach to the violent troupe, which was obviously well planned. That those who have violently turned and pronounced Parliament, leaving it again, without being arrested, speaks as well as a clear language. It is stilier that only 52 people from the MOB were arrested, which was in part armed, even two pipe bombs were found.

The fact that Trump has tried everything to taste coarse damage at all levels has been significantly increased at the national and international bean. Therefore, everything had to be done to hunt him quickly from the office to avert further damage. He had to be immediately responsible for the foregoing rights. This is possible, as well as the British Guardian. Trump can go directly via the 25. Be deducted for extension due to authority. The process is much faster than a second empeachment procedure. The British newspaper also quotes the longitudinal rightliter Frank Bowman, who ames that Trump has one "Turmoil" have.

In fact, we have now seen a riot. He was violently raised. This is another process than in the region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain in autumn 2017. Catalan politicians and activists were even charged at the time for the establishment of election balances because of rebellion and has finally been convicted of turmoil to up to 13 years, but for the judge throughout Europe, however, there was no notice and therefore refused deliveries of exile Catalans (election brands peacefully , is now in Spain "revolt"To).

It is also clear that we have not even seen a rebellion in Washington, although one can speak of a coup attempt. Because even the use of war weapons were lacked by militars, as they were used at the coup attempt in 1981 in Spain, when the Guardia Civil was the Madrid Parliament stormed and tanks in the straws (the last coup in Europe).

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