The fiction of a common left opposition

The opposition parties in autumn: yellow, long letters to the base and counterwind of social initiatives and environmental links

In recent weeks, the media attention in political Berlin was the designated government parties Union and FDP. Any exercise of one of its top politicians has been knocked down again and again and of Westerwells tie color or Merkel’s facial expression was closed to the state of coalition. With the conclusion of the coalition negotiations, the opposition parties were also able to jerk more in the center of attention.

But even in the last few weeks had already become clear that the idea of a common left opposition against black-yellow is a fiction. SPD, Grune and Left are still looking for their role in opposition. But the three parties have already set their different accents in recent weeks. In doing so, there are especially among the green party-internal varying ideas about federal operations.

This became clear in the run-up to the congress of the past Saturday in Berlin. Particularly young green national politicians have the conclusion of the first black-green-yellow coalition in Saarland (see Jamaica sinks in the green sump) understood as a signal to make the green endpost to the party of the center, which can coalize with Union, FDP and SPD. With this they sat down from the old grunen around Jurgen Trittin, Claudia Roth and Christian Strobele, who still give a bundnis with the Social Democrats first priority. It’s not just the weak of the SPD that will shrink the appendant of this option. Because the grunes have been a member of the center, which has coalized with the FDP with both the SPD, the Union and in the traffic light constellation in Bremen and Brandenburg.

Therefore, it must be surprised that the first Jamaica coalition was still providing for those intra-party controversies. Finally, almost 20 years ago the Grune top politician Jutta Ditfurth warned before a "green FDP". At that time there was already the electricity of the Okoliberranes, which set a bundis from Grunen, FDP and Union. 20 years ago, the Okolibertranes were seen as a grunous spot airflow. But surprising is that in 2009, after the greats to answer as a government party Hartz IV and a war with a war, a Jamaik ambition is still interpreted by a part of the party as a violation of the green soul.

Post by siggi-pop

The SPD has not recovered from the shock of power loss. This showed the letter, which the artificial party chairman Sigmar Gabriel, who has been the nickname "Siggi-Pop" has been written to Partebasis since his function as a pop-up contractor of the SPD; Gabriel gives himself as basic understanding:

I can understand the frustration and Arger in our SPD well, because – please believe me – me and all the others here in Berlin is synonymous. And not because we have to have our ministries or jobs space, but because our SPD is in a catastrophic state.

He also realizes that the Agenda 2010 and the pension with 67 in the party are to be rejected. But as a mistake Gabriel does not want to call this policy. Thus, even under his agide, the SPD continued to lose a contour.

This also bumped the former Hessian SPD chairman Andrea Ypsilanti, which does not want to race for the party board at the SPD party congress in November and poses leading party friends to stick to their item.

In the FAZ the jerking of Ypslianti, which was appointed as a past future of the SPD and Fubnote of the party history, was commented with unhealthy joy. The fact that isolated demand for rehabilitation of the politician took little obedience, with which the SPD had won a choice and that was only one year to sudden to the Left Party with its unraved ratio, ties for the manovrieriness of the old steamer SPD.

Also in Thuringen, the SPD practices a further. The party chairman Christoph Matschie ignores the displeasure of the Parteibasis over his covenant with the CDU and the Left Party still gives a grace period. This can count on the next choice for voices from further dissatisfied social democrats. More difficult, on the other hand, it will be pleased to have the Left Party in Brandenburg.

What to do with the election promise?

In a government coalition with the SPD it will hardly be possible to continue your cuddly course with the environmental links. Before the government is in office, it is already bombed with emails of an environmental court, which the left poses to be bent against the SPD at the lignite building. The exploration of CO2 stores in Ostbrandenburg rejected by the Left Party also will not be stopped.

In addition, the "Left Reform Government" has agreed on a massive job reduction in the public service, which is funded with the miserable budget situation. In some press items, it strolled that only in a coalition with the Left Party the social tranquility can be ensured in such a serious job reduction. The Left Party soon was allowed to get counterward from social initiatives and environmental links to traces. As a result, the question was also the question of the purpose of a government participation on the agenda. The front histories are confusing.

While the former SPD chairman Lafontaine is rather attributed to the critics of a government participation, although he wanted to become a ministerial prospective in Saarland, the power of emancipatory left, which comes from the undogmatic left, an unrinted ratio is said to regret.

Staged extremism debate

The left within the Left Party currently relies rough hopes for the state elections in NRW. The local association of the left has provided with its election program inner and outside the party for criticism. Immediately by Union and FDP, the extremism reproach was made because in the program the nationalization of the final industry is required. This program is still a few years ago to the repertoire of SPD and trade unions.

The legalization of Hashish and the reduction of the prison sentences in NRW inhabited for years to the program of the Grunen. The excitement about the NRW program shows once more how quickly an extremism debate can be initiated. The spaghat between the government and the more or less decided opponents was allowed to become permanent ie for the Left Party.

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