“The afd is not just a party, the afd torpers the zeitgeist”

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As a FPO top politician and "Life lot" Jorg Haiders he was co-aging of the right populism. Stefan Petzner in the interview on the AfD, escape, apartmentnot, "Stand up" and the social question – and what Seehofer, Schulz, Salvini and Orban of Chancellor can learn short

Stefan Petzner in the last 15 years was one of the most dazzling people of politics in Austria. As a mastermind of the FPO and then of the Second Haider Party BZO, he created the Chief Strategist and Party Speaker The Success Elections of Jorg Haider to the Landeshauptmann (Minister Prosident) of Karnten, whom he was promoted privately until his death. With a concept of actually socio-critical writer Thomas Bernhard he described him as his "Livelihood".

In the years from Haider, the FPO managed to establish itself nationwide as a rough party next to the OVP and the SPO. In 1999 she became a two-selling power of the federal elections with almost 30% and set the government with the OVP – this resulted in sanctions by the EU and diplomatic tensions with Israel. Currently, the FPO rules again in a coalition with the OVP and represents u.a. the vice-chancellor. The FPO always came into the headlines through positioning and meeting with Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Chechnya Prasident Kadyrov, who is considered Islamist.

Stefan Petzner

Petzner also had a variety of top items in the BZO inne, u.a. Was he federal General Secretar and Landesparteichef in Karnten. At the time of Haiders’s death, he was Deputy Chairman and the Federal Party Party nominated by the unanimous vote of the board, which then renewed Querelen he renounced. In the brochure affare he was sentenced to a prison sentence.

Since its accounting with the FPO in the Cast Estate Beinungsbuch "Haiders shadow" he released as a former insider in many books like last "Trump to go" The strategies of the new rights and their populist parties. Petzner works today "Trader of information" in political, economic and NGO consulting. It specializes in PR management in crisis situations (strategic crisis communication) and ligitation PR. To date, he has a broad network and best contacts also in German politics and journalist scene.

After Chemnitz, it hung in many analyzes: The AFD has now shown her true face – she marches shoulder on shoulder not only with Pegida, but also with Neo-Nazis. Is the superscript?
Stefan Petzner: The problem is flatizations and generalizations on all pages: the left bearing is convicted by the demonstrators as Nazis. This is a mistake and drives the emports, devastated and deserting only further into the arms of the right. The rights in turn represents the mass of the demonstrators as all worried burger, which make use of their demonstration right only. This drawn picture does not correspond to the truth. But the truth is in the middle. Normal demonstrators have mixed with right-wing extremists and radicals and stood a closed block left counter-demonstrator. In this heated mood, for a differentiated and favorite consideration of events but no space was more, neither part of the media, nor by policy up to the Federal Chancellor. And that’s exactly the problem. The political debate culture in Germany is currently underheated, polarizing and aggressive, ultimately poisoned that a normal political debate culture is currently no longer possible. This is dangerous. Because the question is less, who went to the strain, but why? And why could the situation escalate? What is behind this development? What are the deeper causes and reason? Nobody talks about it! At the heart, it is about the fact that the topics of migration and immigration massively transform people. The good ones who are well worried, and the bad ones trying to beat political capital. Under the stroke but remains: the topic moves. You can not get past him. If you want or not. To devote itself intensively to this topic, so it’s about! So that people have the feeling that the high policy has recognized the problems, devoted themselves to them and developed on a factual and fantastic manner and also implements. But that does not happen or only too little, but it is split by all sides, generalized, condemned and polarized. The winner is the AFD at the end, because it determines the political debate that dominates headlines and at the end all down, whether knowing or unknowingly to adapt to their discourse and debate style.

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