Scotty, beam me up, there is no intelligent life on this planet!

The first successful long-distance teleportation of quantum

At the University of Geneva, a team of quantum physicists has succeeded in telepanting quantities on a distance of two kilometers. Under the title "Long-Distance Teleportation of Qubits at Telecommunication Wavelength" Report the researchers in the current ie of the Science Magazine Nature.

Photon source, image: University of Geneva

Scotty, Beam Me Up, There is No Intelligent Life On This Planet! If you look at the policy this day, you could send this saying as a stobstick in the orbit. But for the gland, there is still the science in which intelligence manifests.

During the cinema, the crew of the spaceship Enterprise just smoothly on the surface of planets and backbeams (cf. A space album room between clone and clown), fight on earth the physicists around the beam of quantums about low distances. In the realitat, the beam of matter or energy is not possible, only the transmission of the ultimate structure of objects. This process is called in science teleportation (cf. The art of teleportation). Now Geneva Quantum Physicians have managed to set up a new world record, because of laboratory to laboratory, the experiment at least chuckled two kilometers using a fiber optic cable. The first successful long-distance teleportation of quantum.

Teleportation Call the researchers to produce an exact copy of a quantum system in another place by exploiting. The original propertyless (informative), D.H. It sums up all its properties and then itself "wash out", Substance of its information. It is not a real copy process, but a complete information transfer. For a long time, beamed was as an impossible, ten years ago, IBM scientists showed that it is indeed performable, but the original is destroyed. Only the copy "supervised" and becomes the carrier of the transferred information (cf. Quantum Teleportation). In 1997, the breakthrough came: the physicist Anton Zeilinger and his team of the University Innsbruck managed the first experimental quantum teleportation (cf. "It ultimately turns out that information is an essential basic building block in the world"To). The distance was very low, the route in the laboratory not further than a meter.

Teleportation Scheme, Image: Uni Geneva

I. Marcikic, H. De Riedmatten, W. Tittel, H. Zbinden and N. Gisin from the University of Geneva has now telepported Qubits over two kilometers of standard telecommunication light conductors from a laboratory to another. Qubits (Q bits), ie quantum bits, are two-dimensional quantum systems, the units of quantum information. They correspond to the classic bit in the quantum world. They consist like other bits from two identified with numbers 1 and o. For the teleportation, this usually works on the polarization (cf. Quantation teleportation – usable for information transfer?To). However, qubits can also exist in a surpose of these two circumstances, a non-specific zwitter state according to the Schrodeinger cat, which is called superposition (cf. Quantum in chaos and not logic in the quantum world).

The group of Swiss quantum physicists has these two-dimensional quantum systems transferred from photons of a particular wavelength to 55 meters away photons of another wavelength. The two 55 meters distant laboratories were connected by a two-kilometer fiber optic cable. The quantum mechanics oriented their experimental setup essentially points at the Teleportation of the Innsbrucker (cf. Quantum Teleportation), but their qubits are not through polarization, but in superposition and the shift of so-called "Time bins", Special time sections encoded (cf. Time-bin, Entangled Qubits for Quantum Communication Created by Femtosecond Pulse, PDF!To).

All this brings us the beam as a transport form for man unfortunately not really closely. The upgraded transporters will probably be there in the distant future only in the Star Trek Universe (cf. The beam). Nevertheless, the researchers are confident that there will be practical applications for their development. Backing up:

The first (and for the time being only implementable) application of quantum teleportation is quantum communication. Here it can help to extend quantum cryptographic to a coarse distance.

Other quantum physicists, on the other hand, promise to use future use in the area of quantum communication more from continuous variables instead of qubits (cf. Bob and Eve do it in quantum country).


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