Procedure against art network leonardo dismissed

French court does not see a brand protection infringement

A court in Nanterre, France, decided last Monday, the 28.May that the art network Leonardo may continue to use its name on the Internet. The 30-year-old art organization was sued in 1999 by Transasia Corp and Leonardo Finance because they claimed to suffer sales pits through the naming ion.

The complaining group required 1 million. $ Damages for violation of trademark law and business. As one of the reasons given, WebSurfer were deflected when entering the name Leonardo to the website of the arts teaching network and magazine. In the course of the investigations it had come to absurd faith, such as Z.B. A house search at the nearly ninety-year mother of the head of Roger Malina, in whose house is the extensive Leonardo archive. Leonardo had been collecting materials for the topic of art and technology for 30 years and the police had come up with the job to copy all documents on which the name is Leonardo. Above over the Fille of the material, they moved away from indignant things again.

Procedure against art network Leonardo dismissed

Mascot Leonardo, so young and already involved in international legal dispute

The three French judges came to the reasonable decision that the activity fields of Leonardo Finance and the Transasia Group are completely different from those of the art organization Leonardo and therefore no violation of trademark protection is present, even if both parties use the same communication medium, the Internet, use the same communication medium. Since there is no interconnection of the business fields, any basis for a legal proceedings failed, decided the judges. Both parties must wear their process costs themselves and have 30 days time to appeal.

The art organization Leonardo had used the possibilities of an international community in this fight David against Goliath. Thousands of protest mails were sent to managers of Leonardo Finance and the Transasia Group and many websites have been created for sympathy with Leonardo, banners were designed and also the communication Guerrilleros RTMark handed over in favor of the art organization with targeted campaign websites. The ranking of Leonardo of the art organization against Leonardo of the financial group when entering the term in search engines improved significantly by this campaign. The non-commercial arts teaching network also resisted with extremely alternative methods. A lamb born on a farm in Virginia was baptized Leonardo. Knitting goods made from the wool of the growing sheep was auctioned for financing the procedural costs.

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