Poland: internet cout against soldier

Jacek Zebryk is a Polish Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, but he still leads to war

For his personal campaign, the soldier sits at home on the sofa, on the coffee table with the hook blanket of the unfolded laptop. So he collides polish internet forums, in the sight he has wanning against Polish soldiers in use.

"The next occupant does not live anymore. Applause for the Afghan freedom cheaters", wrote the 28-year piotr G. In response to the death of a Polish soldier in the Afghan province of Ghazni.

Piotr g. Defielen himself in court, as a Pacifist he kinken so then. But he was sentenced to a month of social work for a month. Already 137 such sentences has the continued active field spirit, 56 of which the prosecutor has passed to the police.

"The internaes (so the users of the network are called in Poland) should realize that it is punishable to praise crimes and to tighter others", Discovered the field spirits against the Gazeta Wyborcza. In negotiations he wants to continue to see the Schmarke in the eyes.

But the research and the appearances in court are expensive and above all costly. The soldier is financially supported by the State Rusting Group Bumar, who is currently hoping for a four billion euros of heavy tank production contract.

The Group, which is divided into forty subcontractors, dominates the Polish rusts market. His spokesman does not discharge the financing Zebryks at all.

Critics, such as the philosophy professor Roman Kubicki from Pozen, flared that such an open discussion can not be conducted on the meaning of the Polish ISAF application, especially since a rusting company is particularly interested in the further authorization of the war.

In Poland, the Afghanistan use was always controversial, but the complete jerse train of the troops is already set at 2014. A debate for the meaning or nonsense of the ISAF mission of the NATO member does not take place in Poland’s Office.

But about Zebryk it will not be calm so fast. His campaign has now called radical opponents on the plan that threaten him anonymously. He and his family now receive police protection.

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